Honkai Star Rail Auto Battle, Explained


    Honkai: Star Rail takes players on an exciting pioneering adventure across the galaxy. But boarding the Astral Express is only a fraction of your journey, as the worlds are corrupted with dangerous enemies, from the Antimatter Legion to the Mara-Struck. Honkai: Star Rail’s combat system follows the classic turn-based format, bringing players together in a breakneck game of speed and strategy.

    Being a mobile friendly game that caters to both classic fans and JRPG fans alike, you might be wondering if Honkai: Star Rail has an auto battle system. The quick answer is yes, you can self-battle in HSR! Read on to find out how it works.

    How to fight automatically in Honkai Star Rail

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    The auto battle feature is unlocked while doing the mission called Simulated Universe: First Closed Beta. While doing this quest, you will have access to the auto battle button in the top right corner of the screen (where the arrow points up). It can be used in all subsequent battles, but you must activate it manually.

    However, please note that the auto battle feature is disabled for mandatory story battles, mainly for Trailblaze Missions. In these cases, you will have to control the combat manually. Also, since enemy encounters happen organically, there is no way to automatically replay a battle multiple times.

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