Honkai Star Rail: All Backwater Pass Treasure Chest Locations


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    Honkai: Star Rail will see you trek through the corroded corridors of Fragmentum for a quick escape on Jarilo-VI. If you return to the Backwater Pass once you’ve completed a portion of the story, you’ll find plenty of treasure to collect, including basic treasure, formidable enemies, warp trotters, and more. Here’s where to find them all at Backwater Pass in Honkai: Star Rail.

    The seven treasure chests at Honkai Star Rail’s Backwater Pass

    Most of the basic chests are out in the open and easy to find in Backwater Pass. There is one that is slightly hidden.

    All treasure chests at the top of Honkai Star Rail’s Backwater Pass

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    These three chests at the top of the map are in full view.

    All treasure chests at the bottom of Honkai Star Rail’s Backwater Pass

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    At the bottom of the map, there is a basic treasure chest on both sides of the wall in the bottom right corner of the map. The treasure chest at the bottom left of the map is slightly hidden behind some screens.

    Where is the Backwater Pass Warp Trotter on Honkai Star Rail?

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    The Warp Trotter in Backwater Pass can be found almost in the center of the map, near the area that the main story would not allow you to get close to. Remember to use physical, imaginary, or quantum characters to capture these gaudy treasures.

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    Backwater Pass Helicopter Puzzle Solution on Honkai Star Rail

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    In the southern part of the Backwater Pass, you will find a broken helicopter that you will need to solve a Magflow Puzzle to fix. The solution is shown above. You need to click the top gear twice, the middle gear once, and the bottom gear twice. Once you’ve repaired the helicopter, you can follow it to a bountiful chest!

    All formidable enemies in Honkai Star Rail’s Backwater Pass

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    Image from MyFullGames

    There are two formidable enemy battles at the Backwater Pass. At the top of the map, you can fight some frost spawn, flame spawnand Incineration Shadowwalkers. In the background there is a fight with a Incineration Shadowwalker and a glow out of space. We were able to beat both of them with the starting team of physical pioneer, 7 of March, dan hengand Pole. Just make sure you take into account the enemy’s weaknesses and you’ll be fine.

    Defeating the first formidable enemy will reward you with an abundant treasure containing 20 Star Jade. You will be able to loot a precious chest for defeating the second enemy. Contains the Three Star Light Cone Data Bank and 30 Star Jade.

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