Hollow Knight Steel Soul Guide

Quick and easy steel soul guide


Okay so this will be a lose guide to help but not completely do it for you. So first thing you need to do is to beat False Knight, but before getting there make sure to get the stag near False Knight. False Knight is not the hardest just make sure you have soul before you get in if you don’t have confidence in yourself. After you beat False Knight get to Crystallized Mound and complete the inside.


Now you want to get to Hornet. I would suggest doing the Mosquito skip, all you have to do it lure a mosquito and pogo onto it to get to where Hornet is. Now when you get to Moss Knight just have full soul, hit him once or twice then spam VS until he dies. Now go up save zote (optional) then go down and get the stag. Beat Hornet (gg ez) and travel back to dirtmouth.

Fungal Wastes (where the fun begins)

After you arrive in forgotten crossroad go and kill Gruz Mother (rip) and save Sly. Then go down into Fungal Wastes and go to leg eater (this guy) and buy fragile heart. This is where the tables turn. You now have 7 masks at a point where you should have 5. Get mantis claw and then get dashmaster, save bretta, and get back to dirtmouth via Queens Station. On your way back make sure to pick up the charm notch from the 2 big funky mushrooms. Now grind some simple enemies wherever and then get enough cash so you can get unbreakable strength. Then buy steady body for the charm unlock and get a charm notch.

Hollow Knight Steel Soul Guide

Tips & Tricks

  • Look at the wiki. It saves you a lot to know where you can go before you even are there.
  • If you are struggling get more masks. No one said you needed to do this with 5 health the entire game, so if you are having trouble take some time to get stacked
  • Get relics and rancid eggs. These can get you crazy amounts of money really fast so use it the get the money you need for the run.
  • Use Godhome If you have a separate godhome profile use that to practice any boss you are not ready for.
  • Be careful If you are reckless that can end your run, don’t go for kingsbrand you don’t need to get complete ending just do the basics and beat THK.

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Also, we would like to thank FireCat_. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.