Himno The Silent Melody Crafting Recipes

This is a collection of crafting recipes, as there is not yet an easy way to access recipes in-game.


Hopefully, in this guide, I can catalog all the recipes in one place. This is still a work in progress, so please be patient. If you see an error or missing item in a clearly finished section, please do not hesitate to post a comment.

Basic (crafted from inventory)

Workbenchx10 Tess Fiberx5 Rocks
x8 Arrowx1 Featherx1 Rock
Golden Keyx4 Scrap Metalx4 Gold Cube


Wooden Shieldx25 Tess Fiber  
Glovesx20 Tess Fiberx10 Iron Cubex5 Scrap Metal
Wooden Pickaxex25 Tess Fiber  
Wooden Swordx25 Tess Fiber  
Wooden Bowx25 Tess Fiber  
Wooden Wandx30 Tess Fiber  
Wooden Boomerangx25 Tess Fiber  
Sticky Bombx1 Bombx2 Sticky Gel 
Teleport Bombx1 Bombx1 Teleport Potion 
Terrain Workbenchxx15 Rocksx10 Scrap Metalx20 Screw
Industrial Workbenchx50 Screwx20 Steel 
Stone Furnacex10 Stonesx3 Coal 
Anvilx15 Stonesx10 Scrap Metalx3 Steel
Magical Workbenchx20 Tess Fiberx3 Bookx2 Essence Fragment
Alchemy Workbenchx25 Tess Fiberx1 Bookx8 Sticky Gel
Essence Transfuserx3 Essence Fragmentx20 Tess Fiberx2 Steel
Shell Manipulatorx3 Essence Fragmentx20 Red Rocksx20 Rocks
Transcription Tablex15 Tess Fiberx30 Yellow Gemx3 Book
Tess Fiber Seedsx8 Tess Fiber  
Dean Fiber Seedsx8 Dean Fiber  

Terrain Workbench

Iron Pickaxex20 Iron Cubex10 Screw 
Gold Pickaxex25 Gold Cubex7 Steel 
Wood Blockx10 Tess Fiber  
Castle Brickx10 Rocks  
Castle Red Brickx10 Red Rocks  
Wood Platformx10 Tess Fiber  
Castle Torchx6 Rocksx6 Coal 
Flagx30 Tess Fiberx10 Rocksx5 Sticky Gel
Water Filterx50 Tess Fiberx4 Steelx15 Screw
Material Compressorx25 Rocksx3 Steelx25 Screw
Wooden Supportx5 Tess Fiber  
Support of Rockx5 Rocks  
x4 Castle Brick Wallx10 Rocks  
Wooden Barrelx20 Tess Fiberx5 Scrap Metal 
Wooden Cratex30 Tess Fiber  
Wooden Chestx30 Tess Fiberx4 Iron Cube 
Red Cliffs Wooden Chestx30 Dean Fiberx4 Iron Cube 
Frozen Chestx30 Blue Mushroomx4 Iron Cube 

Industrial Workbench

x8 Screwx2 Iron Cubex3 Scrap Metal 
Compacted Steelx8 Steelx8 Screw 
Silver Gunx2 Essence Corex1 Compacted Steelx40 Screw
Essencethrowerx8 Essence Corex5 Compacted Steelx200 Coal

Stone Furnace

Coalx4 Tess Fiber  
x3 Sticky Gelx2 Coalx15 Tess Fiber 
x8 Bulletx2 Scrap Metalx4 Screw 
Iron Cubex1 Coalx4 Scrap 
Steelx2 Coalx6 Scrap Metalx4 Iron Cube
x2 Scrap Metalx1 Coalx2 Iron Cube 
x2 Gold Cubex1 Coalx1 Golden Key 

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Himno The Silent Melody Crafting Recipes that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Alex. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.


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