Himno The Silent Melody Basic Guide

A quick guide to get you familiar with the features of TSM.

Also the first guide to be made for Himno: The Silent Melody.

Work in progress.


This guide is a work in progress. Expect updates as time goes on, and for incomplete information to be filled in later. Also, if you have any helpful info, leave it in the comments below, and it will be added into the guide! 🙂



Himno The Silent Melody Basic Guide
  • Frames per Second (FPS): Adds an in-game FPS counter.
    Recommended: Off.
  • Movement Type: Controls how dashes function.
    Recommended: Experiment with it and decide which control method you find better.

    Default movement will have the dash always move towards the mouse.
    Original movement will use the dash control method from the original Himno (use WASD to control direction).
    Expect a future guide discussing the merits of original movement versus default movement.


Himno The Silent Melody Basic Guide
  • Brightness: Controls the overall brightness of the game. Makes dark and light colors brighter.
    Recommended: Decrease this from 100% when playing in darker rooms to prevent eye strain.
  • Bloom Intensity: The bloom filter will make brighter colors appear to shine out and partially blur. Adds to ambiance, but can subtract from accessibility.


Himno The Silent Melody Basic Guide
  • Rain Volume: Controls the volume of district ambiance.


Himno The Silent Melody Basic Guide
  • Interact: Use the Interact key to go through doors, use workbenches, open chests, and pick up things you have placed down.
Himno The Silent Melody Basic Guide
  • Lock Target: Locks your firing direction towards the enemy nearest to your cursor. Helpful against more powerful opponents while using Default control scheme. Can become an impediment if using the Grappling Hook.
  • Quick Stack: Lets you quickly move items to/from your inventory to/from a container or your hotbar. Drag your mouse over the items to move while holding down this button.


To head into a district, walk over to the monument.

Himno The Silent Melody Basic Guide

If you interact with the small thing in front of the monument, you can customize your district generation with a little menu. A fully unlocked menu is visible below.

Himno The Silent Melody Basic Guide

Once you are done customizing, hold the interact key in front of the monument. You will hear a “charging” sound, and the bar will begin to move upwards.

Himno The Silent Melody Basic Guide

Main Features

Inside of a district, you’ll enter through an empty gateway. If you ever find yourself stuck, remember that you can regenerate a district by interacting with the gateway again.

Himno The Silent Melody Basic Guide

Once you reach the end, you’ll see a chest along with a few doorways.

These doorways may have a different look and color depending upon the corresponding biome they link to.

The item above them is the item that will appear in the “corruption” chest in the next district.

The red/green chest is the “corruption” chest itself.

Himno The Silent Melody Basic Guide

There are also little gems that you can pick up throughout a level — one at a random* location, one at the end.

Himno The Silent Melody Basic Guide

Open up your inventory after picking one up, and you’ll notice you already have two — you always enter every district with one. The first one will always be to the origin doorway, but the other two (if they exist) are in the order you pick them up.

Himno The Silent Melody Basic Guide

Corruption Chests

Himno The Silent Melody Basic Guide
Himno The Silent Melody Basic Guide

Purifying Districts

Himno The Silent Melody Basic Guide
Himno The Silent Melody Basic Guide

Returning to Camp

At the moment there are 4 ways to return to camp:

Essence Gates

Himno The Silent Melody Basic Guide

Return Potions

Return Pedestals

Fash Statue

Himno The Silent Melody Basic Guide



Before going, lets check our stats. The green bar on top is your HP bar, it also determines your max essence(similar to MP). The buffs and debuffs you gain will be shown below the HP bar.

Himno The Silent Melody Basic Guide

Press tab to check your inventory, here you can see 8×3 of squares lying there. The items you get when your hotbar is full will go inside there.

  • The last slot of second row is the secondary equip slot. You can put some equipments like shield there to equip it.
  • The bottom right slot with a down pointing arrow is the drop slot. You can put items there to drop them and clear up spaces.
  • The green bar at the bottom is purity bar. When you do something that is counted as “unpure” your purity bar goes down. When your purity bar turns yellow, you get a debuff which causes you to drop items upon losing health. When your purity bar turns red, you get a effect which you receive double damage, and your guardian weapons will cause double damage as well. The guardian’s appearance will change upon reaching red purity too.
Himno The Silent Melody Basic Guide

Runes & Wisps

Runes and Wisps provides various buffs that will help with exploring/battling.


Runes can be found in chests that spawns across the distinct, or you can craft them at a shell manipulator using yellow gems and essence cores/fragments.

Equipping runes will drain your purity bar by a percentage unless you have Equilibrium Rune equipped.

Himno The Silent Melody Basic Guide
Himno The Silent Melody Basic Guide

Rune introduction from left to right:

Charge Rune: Gives a temporary speed boost when using a shield ability.

Flammable Body Rune: Creates an explosion when you are hurt over a large amount of health.

Initial Hit Rune: Do more damage on your first hit against an enemy.

Vitality Purification Rune: Restore 2 hp when entering a new distinct.

Essence Deflection Rune: +1 dash.

Essence Impulse Rune: +1 jump.

Ground Stomp Rune: Gives a ground stomp ability which has 3 second cool down.

Equilibrium Rune: Locks the purity bar in place. You cannot gain or lose purity when the purity bar is locked.

Breach Rune: Melee attacks can destroy projectiles. As a trade off your shield has double the cd.

Essence Dash Rune: Gives an essence dash ability which allows you to dash through 1 block wide walls. Consume 100 essence on use and it wouldn’t trigger if your essence is below 100. This is considered one of the most useful rune as you can freely go inside locked space without needing a key, it also let you go through shortcuts and escape soft lock spots.

Exploit Rune: Decrease your purity once essence runs out. Your weapons will do half the damage.

Focus Rune: Transforms 15% of your damage into critical rate.


To use wisps, you will need to find summoner staffs first. Summoner staffs cannot be crafted hence you must get them through distinct.

Using a summoner staff will spawn a wisp, and using it again when the corresponding wisp exists will remove the wisp. You can only have up to 4 wisps at a time.

Wisps provides benefits when you are not battling. Upon doing damage to a mob or taking damage, your wisps will temporarily disappear until all the hostile mobs nearby are eliminated.

Himno The Silent Melody Basic Guide
Himno The Silent Melody Basic Guide

Wisp introduction from left to right:

Hop wisp: Shows you the closest unlit torch.

Nite wisp: Let you stick to walls without sliding down.

Avalan wisp: Increase essence regeneration.

Ferno wisp: +1 dash.

Infinis wisp: Increase jump height.

Rune wisp: Automatically collect yellow gems.

Petal wisp: Shows the direction of portal towards next distinct.

Aethereal wisp: Acts as a permanent golden key.

Dear wisp: Breaks the plants which you are touching.

Afa wisp: Decrease your falling speed.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Himno The Silent Melody Basic Guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank arden. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.


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