High on Life is the biggest game on the Xbox Pass


    It’s too bad that the High on Life movie ended on December 12, which was exactly what the ‘Game Awards got out. If, otherwise, the event at Geoff Keighley’s annual event needs some space. The unassuming, but unbelievable comedic shooter is now the world’s most popular game, especially on the Xbox Pass. Indeed, the success of the subscription service has been in terms of popularity. It’s also the best-selling video game of all time, Minecraft.

    High on Life proves that critic scores don’t always tell the whole story of the game.

    High on Life isn’t the biggest criticism this year. But many critics have called for the title, but Squanch didn’t let a rough start stop the latest project from going viral. The studio has been on full speed in the release process and it’s been very successful since it was released. A lot of people are giving up High on Life and the Rick and Morty-like humor so far, as we can see from the “Most Popular” list of Game Pass games on the official Xbox website.

    High on Life will give us an encouraging boost for Squanch Games and Justin Roiland. The original creator of the book “Riding and Morty” can think about it by himself. It looks like it’s coming up as soon as the year starts.

    If the Game Pass is a big success, we’d like to know who the sales numbers of High on Life are pulling at.

    Unfortunately, the game to the most popular and popular High on Life on the Game Pass is an over-earth achievement. Unlike Sony, who introduced GOTY-nominee, Hell of War: Ragnarok, and Nintendo with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the Xbox did not have a big exclusive for the holiday season. In fact, the only new game a first-party Microsoft studio has announced this year is Pentiment by Obsidian. Even though we’re technical, the Xbox port of Deathloop has come out early this year.

    Regardless of whether the games Pass success does impact on one’s life, a problem that Microsoft is very familiar with, right now.

    We can celebrate the achievement of High on Life and Squanch Games.

    If it came out earlier, High on Life may have been nominated for an award or two at the Game Awards.

    If it comes to the game Pass, Microsoft is probably working on cheaper versions of the gamepass. We’re hoping the show is on in early next year. Microsoft will launch Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition on January 31. We’ll likely find out when Starfield and Redfall will come, as well. The dates for the games can be announced at the rumored event early next year by Microsoft.


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