Heroes of the Crown Guide – From Zero to Hero



    Check out the Trading Emporium.

    You can earn points by participating in various events (just by playing the game) and completing objectives. With these credits, you can buy anything you want from the Trade Emporium. You can exchange diamonds for different items with lower price from the “Daily Shop” section. There are also Arena Store, Hero Store, Rune Store, Guild Store and all other stores.

    Don’t forget to visit the store every day for new deals on Hero Shards, gear, and more that you won’t want to miss. These are going to help you in the long run, as you will need to upgrade your heroes as much as possible to beat the late game levels.


    Reset and upgrade your heroes.

    The game features a large number of heroes, each unique in terms of skills and appearance (as well as the role they play in the team). Since there are so many, it’s only natural that you get confused about what to get – for that, you should definitely take a look at the tiered list we mentioned at the beginning. Is. It’s best to know which roles are worth prioritizing and which you can safely ignore, so you don’t waste any resources.

    However, as a beginner player, sometimes you must learn to make do with the cards you’re dealt – in this case, the heroes you have. Early in the game, you shouldn’t feel bad about investing in a hero that isn’t that great.

    Best of all, the game has an option that lets you take back all the resources you used to upgrade your heroes and use them for another one. If you decide to go back to a previous version of Hero, you can do so by selecting the “Hero Reset” option from the menu. Feel free to try out different lineups with the heroes at your disposal to see what works best!

    Hero Ascension

    A hero’s maximum level is determined by their overall quality or their total number of stars. A 5-star character can reach level 100, while a lower-star character can be upgraded to a lower level.

    To level up, heroes must first upgrade to a better quality. In “Ascension Hall” you can upgrade your heroes to the next level. You will need multiple heroes of the same element to level them up. For example, to upgrade a wind hero, you will need more heroes with the wind element. To upgrade a hero to 6 stars, you will often need a duplicate of the hero, plus 4 or 5 other 5 star heroes. So it’s important to get as many Hero Shards as possible!

    Bonus Tip #1: We recommend dissolving all your 3-star heroes into shards. They won’t come in handy, but they can be useful in upgrading other heroes.
    Bonus Tip #2: Don’t choke your 4 and 5 star heroes!


    Codes and more codes!

    In Heroes of Crown, you have 2 main types of codes – promo codes, and invitation codes. Both of them are really good to use, but they are completely different from each other.

    Promo codes

    These are codes released by the game developers, and they can reward you with Ascension Stones, Summon Vouchers, EXP and other goodies. These are the types of things that any player, especially newcomers and those interested in playing the game for free, will need at some point. Unfortunately, these codes are not permanently valid, and they stop working after a certain period of time. Be sure to use them as soon as possible! Here’s a link to all the Heroes of the Crown codes that are currently available.

    Invitation codes

    In this game, freebies are always welcome! By entering a friend’s invite code, you can get free stuff without any effort. Although players cannot use these codes immediately, they are definitely useful. Players can start using invitation codes when their account reaches level 20.

    Also, keep in mind that you also have your own invite code, which you can share with your friends or put down in the comments section of this article! You will also get a bunch of free rewards every time someone uses your code.

    If you want, also use our code: X6V04


    Add more friends and join a guild.

    Even if you play this game alone, it is recommended to have a large friends list. The maximum number of friends is 100, so we recommend that you start adding people left and right. You can send and receive gifts with your friends, which will be more useful than you think. Don’t forget to send and collect these gifts daily!

    Why you should join a guild in Heroes of the Crown

    A guild isn’t just for show – well, in some cases it is, but you can also add a number of guildmates to your friends list and work together to complete guild tasks. . These will give you plenty of EXP and loot, so it would be a shame to miss out.


    Complete quests and make your dungeon every day.

    There is no shortage of quests in Heroes of the Crown. You’ll have your main story quests, which will help you progress early on, but after a while, you’ll focus all your energy on completing dungeons and saving resources for your best heroes. Would like to focus.

    Daily quests are something you should do every day, and even if they repeat after a while, you should still try to log in and do them even if you have time for something else. Don’t spend. From daily quests, you’ll find enough useful loot to progress at a steady pace.


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