Helldives 2 Player Numbers Surge After Overwhelmingly Popular Patch


    Good news for the Helldivers 2 community: the recent patch 01,000,400 brought with it a host of Strategem improvements and other balance changes. The changes have helped rebalance the gameplay, and as a result, the game has seen a surge of new and returning players, as well as enthusiastic reviews.

    Patch 01,000,400, which arrived on Friday, June 13, 2024, introduced some revolutionary improvements to many of the game’s most popular stratagems, including Orbital Gatling, Orbital Precision Strike, Orbital Airburst Strike, and Eagle 110mm Rocket Pods. and Eagle Strafing Run.

    It also introduced a number of quality of life changes, such as showing supply lines and the origin of attacks on the game’s Galactic War map. Specifically with the origin of attacks, Helldivers can now see which planet an attack originates from so they can stop the problem at its source. Pretty clever stuff!

    And it looks like these changes are now paying off for developer Arrowhead Studios, with the game’s player count surpassing 75,000 just after the patch dropped before hitting a solid 100,000 active players. These numbers shouldn’t come as a real surprise given the high praise the update has received from the community.

    Helldivers 2 players feel the latest patch has restored balance and fun to the game

    Arrowhead Studios clearly targeted the right areas of improvement in its latest patch 01,000,400 for Helldivers 2, addressing many of the community’s long-standing complaints. The player base felt that the game’s higher difficulties, which are already challenging in themselves, were too demanding and simply no longer fun due to poorly balanced strategies and weapons.

    Now that many of these stratagems and weapons are proving viable again, Helldivers feel more equipped than ever to take on the game’s brutal higher difficulty levels. Changes to certain Terminid insect enemies have also been welcomed by the community, such as the much-maligned acid effect offered by the game’s insect hunters and mines.

    We hope that Arrowhead Studios continues on the path of patch 01,000,400 and keeps the passionate Helldivers 2 community appeased and always coming back for more.

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