Hedon Bloodrite Crafting Potions And Ammo

A quick and simple guide for crafting all kinds of potions, consumables and plot important potions needed for certain quests and sidequests for Act 2 – Bloodrite.


This guide is for the alchemy machine you can find in E2M10 – Salt and Blood. Before you’re able to use it, you will need the colored salts and the Chalice to gather Burning Oil, Sacrificial Blood and Mana since the machine’s deposits are almost empty.

Crafting and Recipes

Please keep in mind that this guide is a work in progress. I will update when I find more recipes for new potions or ammunition. Also, there’s a limit to how many you can craft of each potion/ammo based on the recipients lying on top of the table. If you run out of vials/bottles trying to craft anything will not yield any results.

  • Potion of Death: Poison (Green liquid), Mana (Blue liquid), Burning Oil (Orange Liquid), Green Salts, Pink Salts, Phylactery.
  • Sleeping Potion: Poison (Green liquid), Mana (Blue liquid), Cyan Salts.
  • Health Vial: Blood (Red Liquid), Green Salts, Pink Salts.
  • Might Potion: Burning Oil (Orange Liquid), Mana (Blue Liquid), Blood (Red Liquid), Pink Salts.
  • Haste Potion: Burning Oil (Orange Liquid), Blood (Red Liquid), Pink Salts.
  • Stone Skin Potion: Blood (Red Liquid), Mana (Blue Liquid), Pink Salts, Cyan Salts.
  • Mystery Potion: Burning Oil (Orange Liquid), Mana (Blue Liquid), Poison (Green Liquid), Blood (Red Liquid), Cyan Salts, Pink Salts, Green Salts.
  • Hellfire Cans (Ammo): Burning Oil (Orange Liquid), Green Salts.
  • Acid Vials (Ammo): Poison (Green Liquid), Green Salts, Cyan Salts.
  • Poison Vials (Ammo): Poison (Green Liquid), Mana (Blue Liquid), Pink Salts.

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Also, we would like to thank Sayer Raider. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.