Heart of Darkness – Cruise Nights Destinations



    Just providing a location for each of the cruise nights to progress in the quest for alignment.


    First place: Harvest Garden: Red Rose Garden

    Second place: Groaning Valley: Eastern Tower 2f

    Third place: Crystal Lake: East of the church where you find Mitra.

    Fourth place: Black Beast’s Forest: Take the east path upon entering.

    Fifth Place: Basin of Decay: Start at the Pier “Connecting Bridge” and follow the boardwalk north instead of east.

    Sixth Place: Castle of the Midnight Sun: From the start go down the first flight of stairs, then head all the way west without going down any further, you should come to a broken path and a path to the north that Goes to the military.

    Seventh Place: Castle of the Midnight Sun: Teleport to Pier, “The Great Library” and go up the stairs to the back zone, there will be a soldier just to the east.

    This is just to help people who are stuck like me.



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