Healing in Remnant 2 – How to Restore Health, Explained


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    Healing is a vital mechanic that will keep you alive throughout each level or Remnant 2, and knowing how to replenish your character’s health plays a crucial role in keeping you in the fight. In a rogue-lite game like this, you’re likely to get hit a few times, and as I found out the hard way, sometimes it’s enough to knock you down. This guide will cover all the ways you can heal your character and get back to health in Remnant 2.

    How to replenish health in Remnant 2

    There are several ways to replenish your character’s health in Remnant 2, and they are as follows:

    • crystals of the world: They act as checkpoints where you can save your progress and replenish your health, ammo and relics.
    • Using specific healing Items, consumables, and relics.
    • interacting with shrines: Healing Shrines will imbue you with a healing status effect that will regenerate your HP over 60 seconds.

    How to heal using World Crystals in Remnant 2

    To use the World Crystal to heal in Remnant 2, simply approach the Crystal and press the Use Checkpoint button to touch it. Your HP, ammo, and relics will instantly replenish on the negative side of all non-boss enemies in the world that respawn. If you die at any point in the game, you will revive in the World Crystal.

    How to get healing items in Remnant 2

    At the start of Remnant 2, Ford will give you Dragon’s Heart, an heirloom item capable of restoring up to 70% of your HP. The effect is almost immediate upon activation, making it the most effective lifesaver to prevent you from getting knocked down if you’re in trouble. You only get three changes with it initially, so use it sparingly.

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    To purchase bandages and other healing salves in Remnant 2, visit the town medic, Dr. Norah, in Ward 13. She will provide you with various consumables that you can purchase, such as a bandage and blood root, which, when consumed, regenerate some of your lost HP, as well as cancel negative status effects.

    Using the the doctor Archetype to heal in Remnant 2

    Having Medic Archetype to heal injured characters in Remnant 2 is the surest way to provide healing and deliver it when the team needs it most. Therefore, inviting one of your friends to play as a Medic will greatly increase the survivability of your team. An ability like Wellspring is especially useful as it creates a healing ring around the Medic, restoring HP to all who enter it.

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