HBO Max Removing several beloved DC cartoons


    A number of most beloved cartoons set up on DC Comics properties will leave HBO last month.

    The following list of TV shows will be removed from HBO Max on January 31 : “The following list goes on.

    • He has been watching the water since 1967.
    • Batman: The eloquent and the rich.
    • Justice League
    • Justice League Unlimited.

    The affected series most recently received well-received attention. Aquaman has been working on Cartoon Networks Boomerang, while Batman is still raved about by fans due to his reputation and his long-running legacy.

    Justice League and Justice League Unlimited are both seen as the highest points of DCs animated output. Because of the series, many of DCs iconic (and more obscure) characters are presented in an accessible, but well-written way. Some notable talents who contributed their voices to both Justice League and Justice League series include George Newbern, Phil LaMarr, and Kevin Conroy.

    The news came as Warner Bros. Discovery merged several recent animated films from HBO in order to take advantage of the recent success. Some notable relocations included infinity train, Close Enough and Uncle Grandpa.


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