The following accommodates spoilers for The Devil is a Part-Timer! Season 2, Episode 11, “The Devil Preaches Human Interaction,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Deciding to find extra shards of Yesod on her personal, Emi makes use of the magic of the crystals at present in her possession to seek out the remaining ones. While performing this process, Maou, Suzuno and Ashiya meet with Rika at a shopping mall to seek the advice of the latter about shopping for a cell phone and a TV. Rika thinks that is unusual at first, however quickly comes to grasp why Ashiya needs her recommendation when she factors out she must improve her present TV to a 4K model, and he would not know what she’s speaking about. She then invitations them to lunch to debate the fundamentals.

During lunch, whereas Suzuno marvels on the low-cost value of her scrumptious udon meal, Ashiya and Maou talk about with Rika their finances constraints. In the midst of this dialog, Suzuno by chance lets slip that she’s not Japanese when she factors out she would not know a lot in regards to the nation’s shopper tradition and Rika wonders if she was raised abroad. She “confirms” that she was and explains her ignorance of electronics as being raised in a growing nation the place that wasn’t a luxurious, and avoids freely giving the very fact she’s from one other world.

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When Suzuno decides to get a second serving of her udon noodles, the group encounters a foreigner speaking to the cashier in English, although she solely speaks Japanese. Maou decides to assist the cashier by translating his request whereas telling the foreigner to not trouble her because it might get him — and different foreigners — banned from the place. This motion will get Rika to query how Maou is just a part-timer if he can converse fluent English. Ironically, the second the foreigner leaves, he reveals he really speaks fluent Japanese and questions why he bothered to be taught English if it is not the “language of the world.” He additionally scolds the individual on the opposite line for not telling him their goal can be in Japan, hinting that he may very well be celestial in origin.

In one other a part of Tokyo, Emi continues to observe the trail of her Yesod shard, solely to seek out herself at a hospital. Coincidentally, Emi runs into Chiho’s mom and rapidly learns her daughter’s been hospitalized. When Maou and his group arrive on the buying middle to purchase their TVs, Suzuno instantly begins on the lookout for the one she needs. Since Suzuno talked about earlier she has ¥70,000 to spare, Rika thinks Ashiya ought to store along with her in order that they will probably get a reduction on one of many TVs in the event that they purchase two collectively. Ashiya is grateful for this recommendation as it could possibly depart him with sufficient cash to purchase a cell phone. His response leaves Rika feeling flustered, which causes Maou to work out she has a crush on him.

Soon after they buy their TVs, Maou invitations Suzuno for tea to debate the very fact Rika has emotions for Ashiya. Suzuno thinks it is unhealthy thought for them to get collectively as it could solely result in a tragic future. Maou, nonetheless, means that they inform her the reality about themselves being demons in a manner she’ll consider, and let her resolve for herself if she nonetheless needs to pursue a relationship with him. Suzuno nonetheless thinks it is a unhealthy thought to let extra people in on their secret, and that her rigidity on this matter isn’t with out foresight. The communication fashion displayed by Maou and Suzuno in dialog has Rika questioning if they are surely associates. Ashiya vaguely states they should not be associates, however discussing their historical past is just too complicated to share at the moment.

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Deciding to not dwell on Ashiya’s secret, Rika as a substitute reveals him some pamphlets and invitations him to start out searching for the cell phone. Before Ashiya has the prospect to observe up on Rika’s provide, a sequence of tv screens are inexplicably destroyed inside the shop. Maou advises that Ashiya escort Rika again to her house whereas he and Suzuno look into the TV incident. As Rika and Ashiya depart, Suzuno speculates that the incident may very well be the doing of Barbariccia’s faction. Maou agrees and believes they need to contact Emi and Urushihara. Coincidentally, Emi calls Suzuno at that second to tell her Chiho’s been put in a coma by some potent magic and that she’s within the hospital.

Maou and Suzuno instantly meet with Emi and Chiho’s mom on the hospital to debate what occurred. Chiho’s mom reveals she discovered her in a coma when she arrived house at round meal time and wasn’t capable of wake her up. When she known as for an ambulance, neither the EMTs nor docs had been capable of revive her nor pinpoint a trigger for her coma. At finest, all of them know her life’s not at risk. After Chiho’s mom leaves Maou and his associates in command of maintaining a tally of her daughter whereas she runs some errands, Suzuno reveals her principle on what actually occurred to the woman. She believes somebody had struck Chiho with a celestial force-based pulse, which successfully transformed her life pressure into magical power and induced her coma.

The second Suzuno concludes her principle, one other TV bursts within the hospital foyer, and Suzuno confirms that that is the results of a celestial sonar. Maou and Emi resolve to inspect Chiho whereas Suzuno and Ashiya examine the rest of the hospital for a person able to utilizing such energy. Before they begin their investigation, nonetheless, Urushihara meets up with Ashiya and Suzuno and informs them of Gabriel’s go to and that the celestial sonar often is the work of Raguel the Watcher. When they meet with Maou and Emi in Chiho’s room, Urushihara reveals every little thing he realized from Gabriel at their residence, making Maou conscious of the very fact he is on the lookout for the treasures of the Legendary Demon King Satan.

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Despite not being a high-ranking angel, Suzuno is aware of Raguel continues to be given the authority to watch the actions of different angels, and solid judgments and punishments as he sees match. What would not click on for Suzuno, nonetheless, is why solely Chiho was affected by celestial sonar and never different TV viewers in Japan. Maou reminds her that Chiho’s house was as soon as the epicenter of a sonar pulse expulsion, although this leads Emi to appreciate one thing else. If the Watcher is in Japan, then this confirms her personal mom, the mysterious Lailah, can also be within the nation. After Chiho’s mom returns to the hospital to be along with her daughter, Maou and his associates depart and Emi makes use of the chance to ask Urushihara what occurs to angels who get judged by Raguel.

According to Urushihara, one attainable punishment for an angel is to be solid out of Heaven like he was. Under regular circumstances, this may entail Sariel and Raguel stripping the angel of their immortality and banishing them to Ente Isla. In different circumstances, the angel is killed. Knowing this info, Emi decides she wants to guard her mom from the Watcher since she simply realized of her existence and needs solutions from her. Before she will seek for her mom, nonetheless, Emi lends her cooperation to assist find the Watcher to carry him accountable for the hurt he is brought about Chiho. Since he is utilizing TV alerts to make his presence recognized, this narrows his potential location to 2 locations.

Back inside Chiho’s room, her nurse is revealed to be Lailah, who can also be the rationale Emi’s Yesod shard initially introduced her to the hospital. With Lailah absolutely conscious of Chiho’s scenario, she provides the woman her ring containing one other Yesod shard. While inserting the ring on her finger, Lailah hints that Chiho will change into the long run mom of a brand new Daath, which explains her personal curiosity in defending her.

Based on the favored gentle novel sequence by Satoshi Wagahara, new episodes of The Devil is a Part-Timer! stream each Thursday on Crunchyroll.

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