Happy Holidays from the Destructoid



    We give all good wishes to our community.

    It’s time of year again, it’s actually the Best Time of the Year again. Yes, it’s true the Holidays. That festive weekend will leave every one of you happy, healthy and to spend some hard earned rest and rest.

    This weekend should be a perfect time for a good life, for a lot of people and of course, for a bit of fun. I often find holidays one of the only two i’m able to sit down and play in the whole year. This year saw me playing games for work-related purposes perhaps more than ever before, leaving me little opportunity to browse a dozen of 2022 offers. A shame, since it’s been a preeasant year for the game, truth be told.

    I’ll take the chance today to watch the films that have passed me this year, and maybe it will help you to get started in Marvel Midnight Suns, which has been sitting patiently on my hard drive since the day I launched. Oh, and to truly embrace the spirit of the season, I will revisit The Blob (1988), which somehow never feels like Christmas has begun until Kevin Dillon and Shawnee Smith jump a gorge on a speeding motorcycle, and escape a notorious gelatinous mass.

    By the way, I want to eat, I want to eat my own weight in Pringles and Toffifee before lunch.

    On the other hand you should get ready for your free time, like in the celebration of Xmas or nigelly; the most important thing if you go out to your house or go out of the office without being surrounded by faces and enjoying your own company. It was a tough year last year and you returned. I knew that you’d get it. You’re always the same as others. It is obvious that the holidays aren’t for everyone, but Destructoid is another place. You’re always in the same place.

    Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays from Destructoid!

    Ladies and gentlemen, Topy and Robo.



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