Halo Infinite - How to Play On Low End PC (Nvidia GTX 1060)

GTX 1060 3GB

Enable Ultimate Performance Plan

I recommend following this guide as it’s fast and straight to the point:

Uninstall Multiplayer High-res Textures Pack

You need to disable the Multiplayer High-res Textures Pack. You do this by right clicking Halo Infinite and click properties and go to the DLC tab and uncheck the Multiplayer High-res Textures Pack DLC.

Video Settings

You need to have the following video settings for Halo Infinite:

Minimum Frame Rate: 60 (If you are on a 144hz display, use 72 for both the minimum and maximum.)

Maximum Frame Rate: 60

Quality Preset: Low (You could try tuning it a bit up, but when I tried the medium settings, the game was already too stuttery.)

Sharpening: 58% or more depending on your liking.

Boring Part: Explanation (No need to read. You can skip this)

The minimum Frame Rate Option lowers your rendering resolution to improve the frame rate making the image blurry. Because of the blurriness, we need to use the sharpening option to sharpen (Obviously) the image, so you can see enemies from far away; The maximum Frame rate Option is actually more for frame timing than for fps gain, which will make the game look smoother when looking around.


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