Halo Infinite Fastest way to Grind Battle Pass levels

Tips & required grind to max out the battle pass.

Keeping it short

To max out the battle pass you’ll need 100,000 xp (100 levels * 1000 xp each).

The fastest way is to grind the daily rewards against bots (Multiplayer -> Bot Bootcamp), you’ll need to play 2000 games (assuming you’re starting from lvl 1):

  • Each game is worth 50 xp (from daily rewards);
  • Games last between 3 & 5 minutes, depending on game mode;
  • When the game is over, to quickly start a new one -> esc, esc, enter;
  • Any challenges that don’t require PVP or vehicles are a bonus;

The maximum number of daily rewards you can get is 50 (2500 xp), which means that you have to grind for around 4 hours & 10 minutes (50 * 5 minutes) every day.

You can max out the BP in 40 days (40 * 2500 xp = 100,000 xp).

And you still need the battle pass to unlock everything.



Using an XP booster (1 hour, 11 or 12 games) should net you 1100-1200 xp, compared to 550-600 without.

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Also, we would like to thank ShadowNetBG. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.


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