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    Skills are secondary means of attack in Halls of Torment, much like weapons in Vampire Survivors, from which this game draws experience. You can obtain these by collecting Scrolls of Mastery, shiny golden scrolls that will occasionally drop when you defeat elite enemies, but can also be found on the map. They each have their own traits, and I’ve found that some work better than others, depending on which character I’m playing. Here is a tier list of the best skills tier list for each character in Halls of Torment.

    List of skill levels for Halls of Torment

    Level Ability
    S Radiant Aura, Astronomer Orbs
    TO Arcane Splinters, Dragon’s Breath
    B. Meteor Strike, Ghost Needles, Ring Blades
    C. Kugelblitz, Summon Golem, Lightning
    D. transfixion

    All Skills in Halls of Torment Ranked

    We categorized skills based on how they work individually. Please note that some abilities may work better or worse depending on the character you play. We’ll cover individual characters and the best abilities for each of them in the paragraph below.


    radiant aura

    The radiant aura casts a circle of light around the character, distributing its damage equally among all enemies in range. It launches automatically at intervals. It can be upgraded to deal 20% more damage at the cost of a 15% smaller radius, which is what I usually take. It is one of the most valuable Skills, in my opinion. I use it on almost all of my characters because due to the nature of the game I am constantly surrounded by enemies and therefore regularly deal damage with this ability.

    astronomer orbs

    Another Skill beast, Astronomer’s Orbs, gives you three orbs that constantly orbit your character, dealing damage to anything in their path. His damage output can be upgraded through traits, which I also recommend. Paired with Radiant Aura on a short-range character, this skill will make you a true powerhouse.

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    a level

    arcane splinters

    I like to take Arcane Splinters with an Archer because of their innate high critical strike chance. This ability fires projectiles from a distance in a vertical spread pattern with the option to enhance their rate of fire and critical strike chance.

    dragon breath

    Dragon’s Breath is an ability that emits a wave of fire in the direction you are looking at the moment the hour strikes. Fire has a high chance to set enemies on fire. I never felt like he did much damage, but he does have a useful ability to knock enemies back, which can get me out of a bind sometimes.


    meteor strike

    Meteor Strikes fires three projectiles in an arc in a random direction, exploding on impact and dealing AoE damage. Unfortunately, they fire automatically at set intervals, which means you can’t control them. If you take Scattered Debris, the shells will turn into cluster bombs, carrying smaller meteors that spread out after an initial explosion.

    ghost needles

    This ability fires needles at random nearby enemies in rapid succession. If you choose this ability and then choose Multihit, note that this trait will stack on this ability, increasing its attack speed. It’s a pretty average ability that really starts to shine after unlocking Phantom Split, which causes projectiles to split on impact.

    ring blades

    This ability throws two alternating blades to the left and right of your character. They do decent damage, but I find them quite limited by their range. I recommend taking Piercing Blades as soon as possible because it adds two more blades to the cycle, adds magic damage, and can also apply the Brittle state to enemies.



    The Kugelblitz ability fires a ball of electricity that moves slowly towards a random enemy. The ball will periodically emit an electrical pulse at regular intervals that will damage enemies around it. High Voltage makes this ability a bit more interesting because it allows the ball to chain lightning around it. Personally, I never pick this ability due to the overall low damage output and lack of range.

    summon golem

    This ability can summon a clay golem that fights by your side. It starts rolling in a circular motion and damages all enemies in its path. It works best when upgraded with one of the traits that will infuse it with lightning or fire elemental damage, respectively.


    Lightning Strike is a rather mediocre ability that fires multiple bolts at randomly chosen enemies. She can also stun enemies around those who were hit by the beam, but her AoE is small enough to create a significant impact, especially during larger enemy waves.

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    Transfixion is potentially the least powerful ability in Halls of Torment, firing projectiles in the direction your character is facing. The projectile can pass through multiple enemies, but deals increased damage after each successive hit. Any of its buffs provide an extra projectile fired in the opposite direction of your character’s direction, applying afflictions, but the Skill still does lower damage and doesn’t affect many enemies in my opinion. It should be avoided most of the time.

    The best skills for each character in Halls of Torment

    We have put together a list of the best abilities for each character in Halls of Torment individually. Your choice may differ based on your playstyle and preferences, so nothing is set in stone. We will update this list if new characters are released in future game updates.

    Hero Ability
    Goalkeeper Lightning, Ghost Needles, Transfixion
    Cleric Radiant Aura, Astronomer’s Orbs, Dragon’s Breath
    Exterminator Lightning, Ghost Needles, Dragon’s Breath
    Shield Maiden Radiant Aura, Dragon’s Breath, Astronomer’s Orbs
    Sorceress Lightning, Dragon’s Breath, Ghost Needles
    Swordsman Dragon’s Breath, Astronomer’s Orbs, Radiant Aura
    Sorcerer Summon Golem, Lightning, Dragon’s Breath

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