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Halloween Ends’ New Killer Is a Modern-Day Norman Bates


Halloween Ends featured a twist that no one watching could have seen coming. But the big twist tied him more closely to another famous killer in movie history.

The following contains spoilers for Halloween Ends, currently in theaters and streaming on Peacock’s premium tiers.

end halloween it was a huge departure from the franchise’s status quo. The film not only barely showcased Michael Myers, but was also a character study of his impact on an entire city long before his final return. That said, that didn’t mean the movie didn’t have a consistent killer, as the latest installment served as a pseudo-origin for another killer named Corey Cunningham.

Corey was a teenager who had a rough life after he accidentally killed a babysitting boy one Halloween night. Although he had not intended to take his own life, the stigma of his actions, similar to the stigma of Michael, had tainted his entire being. He couldn’t go anywhere without being judged by those around him, which eventually began to affect him when he met Michael, awakening the killer inside him. But even though he wore the mask and brutally took a collection of lives, Corey wasn’t the next movie Michael. In fact, he was more like Norman Bates himself from the movie.

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Corey reflects Norman Bates in Halloween Ends

in the world of Psychopath, Norman Bates was a conflicted individual. Intrinsically, he wasn’t a bad person or a cold-blooded killer. There may have been some latent instability, but if nothing bad happened to him, he probably could have had a normal life. That said, her uneasy close relationship with her mother and her subsequent death forced him to develop her into a darker persona, where he would dress like her and kill for her. In end halloweenInstead of mirroring his mother, Corey mirrors Michael and takes over before Michael can start one more massacre.

While Corey’s mother wasn’t as powerful a motivator as Norman’s, she still played a big role in their dark transitions. To begin with, Corey’s mother had a strange and demanding desire to control every aspect of her life. She was also overbearing and dressed similarly to Norma Bates in motel. This led her to be overly protective but punishing even if he looked at her phone at the dinner table. She even kissed Corey on the lips after she slapped him in anger. This strange oedipal relationship devoured Corey, similar to how she devoured Norman. Corey also shared a duality like Norman’s, in which he was kind and shy towards Allyson but much darker and more manipulative towards Laurie, since he couldn’t hide her true self from her, solidifying her duality in the style of Bates.

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Psycho inspired John Carpenter’s Halloween, and probably David Gordon Green’s

Psychopath and the Hallowe’en Franchises have always been close bedfellows in terms of inspiration. For starters, Jamie Lee Curtis’ mother, Janet Leigh, played iconic victim Marion Crane, who was stabbed to death in the iconic shower scene. However, the thematic sentiments of Hallowe’en they initially felt Psychopath also. For starters, Psychopath was a film meant to disarm the audience as it set up an unsuspecting place, like a motel, as well as an unlikely killer who seemed innocent at first. The entire movie was meant to subvert expectations and reinforce the idea of ​​danger coming from all corners. Carpenter did the same in Hallowe’en when he featured a murderer in a place where people would probably have left their doors open. As a result, Michael’s bullying and the realization that even teenagers weren’t safe proved once again that danger could be everywhere.

While not confirmed, David Gordon Green end halloween could have been inspired by Psychopath. However, instead of focusing on his themes, the parallels came from Corey Cunningham. His character was meant to show the consequences of fear and how negativity can only breed more negativity. Corey was never the next Michael, but he was inspired by him. That said, Corey’s relationship with his mother, his inherent goodness and conflict with the darkness helped show that there is only one Michael, but the next Norman Bates could come from anywhere.

To see how the movie mirrors Psycho, Halloween Ends is in theaters now and airing on Peacock.

Halloween Ends is a stealth remake of another John Carpenter classic

Halloween Ends is a stealth remake of another John Carpenter classic

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