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Halloween Ends Is The Last Jedi of the Michael Myers Franchise


Halloween Ends may be the most divisive film in the trilogy. But his path has also mirrored the latest Star Wars trilogy, specifically The Last Jedi.

The following contains spoilers for Halloween Ends, currently in theaters and streaming on Peacock’s premium tiers.

David GordonGreen Hallowe’en The trilogy has offered a lot in terms of narrative and thematic content for fans. In doing so, the films created a lot of division among the fan base, as the trilogy took a more cerebral direction. Each entry sought to understand the infamous killer in a way never experienced before. While it did give some unique questions that needed to be answered, the story took a questionable direction.

Hallowe’en (2018) offered a lot of promise for fans and served as a revisit to the world established primarily in the 1978 original. The deaths were intact, while a millennia-old narrative continued organically. However, for end halloween, the franchise subverted expectations in a way that didn’t hurt to explore, but broke away from a status quo established decades earlier. For this reason, the last film of the trilogy could be compared to the last jedi by Star Wars.

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How did the end of Halloween reflect on the Last Jedi?

When the Star Wars The sequel trilogy was announced, many fans were excited but worried. When the force awakens was released, fans were pleasantly surprised by a story that was equally new and offered nuggets of nostalgia to keep the spirit of the story alive. However, the real driving force was the overall mystery of its characters. That said, when the last jedi hit theaters, it quickly divided the fanbase as the film explored the idea that the past was the past and it was time to change things.

In a sense, the last jedi he put together his expectations to tell fans that things don’t always have to follow a formula to be exhilarating. end halloween followed a similar path by keeping the infamous killer, Michael Myers, on the sidelines for most of the film. It was a story that discussed Michael’s effect and legacy, but did nothing to make the most of the killer’s “final exit.” It may seem like a logical approach from a narrative standpoint, but the result felt all the more cruel because the film conveyed a lack of interest in what fans had come to see in theaters.

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Does Halloween Ends work better as a standalone story?

I like it Star Warssequel trilogy, expectations became a huge factor in the Hallowe’en trilogy. In this case, it was the expectation that Michael’s latest outing would make him hit the streets in a way never seen before. However, his more cerebral take on the character, while poorly received, works well as a side story or something unrelated to the trilogy. Similarly, the last jedi it had the same effect, as its changes greatly affected the future of the series, with much of the fanbase unhappy with what was on offer.

Weather end halloweenI like it the last jedi, are unique approaches that have a place in the franchise, the urgency of the trilogies they were in only served to damage the film’s overall reception. In the case of end halloween, has followed an eerily similar path to that of the second film in the sequel trilogy. However, time has also shown that more fans understood and respected the film for what it tried to do. As a result, end halloween you can find a similar reception from your fans. If so, it could give the film a chance to be analyzed for what it was trying to say and how it impacted the legacy of Michael Myers.

Halloween Ends is now playing in theaters and streaming on Peacock.

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