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Halloween Ends Captures John Carpenter’s Season of the Witch Plan


Halloween Termina has been touted as the conclusion to a trilogy. But, the movie’s story fits better with a long-forgotten plan John Carpenter has for the series.

The following contains spoilers for Halloween Ends, currently in theaters and streaming on Peacock’s premium tiers.

end halloween was a film that explored Michael Myers’ deeper impact on the town of Haddonfield, Illinois. That said, doing so introduced some divisive options that felt different than expected from a Hallowe’en film, as it was a sequel loosely connected to a serial killer. While the story had legs that could have worked well, it was hard to escape The Shape’s looming shadow.

end halloween feeling further removed from the larger franchise than previous entries in David Gordon Green’s trilogy may have been intended as a blanket Easter egg. Instead of calling back to a specific movie, the story was more of a callback to an original idea that was tried after Halloween II. That said, while Carpenter initially wanted to explore an anthology series, much like Halloween ends – it was not as appreciated by fans as expected.

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How did Halloween III subvert expectations?

In Halloween II, Michael was defeated, and Laurie and Dr. Loomis were able to live their lives without fear. With that chapter seemingly closed, Carpenter decided it was time to venture in a different direction and create a sequel that had no direct ties to the previous films. Halloween III: Season of the Witch it was a new story that followed a narrative tied to consumerism and pagan witchcraft. However, what fans noticed more than anything was that Michael Myers was not the main character.

The film was not as well received as Michael’s. Hallowe’en movies and eventually opened the door for Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. What was lost in The Shape’s return was Carpenter’s idea for an anthology series. It was an ambitious concept, especially after Michael had been unleashed on the world, and one that hadn’t been revisited since. Having said that, end halloween may have tried his own loophole by giving fans a pseudo anthology indicative of the blue font in the movie intro, which reflected Halloween III instead of past movies.

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Does Halloween End Keep Carpenter’s Anthology Alive?

end halloween it was a film that continued the legacy of Michael and Laurie’s long relationship. While fans may have expected a final slaughter directed by The Shape, what was offered instead was a cerebral look at the character and a deeper look at the concept of evil. end halloween he still had Michael, but he was on the sidelines for most of the movie, except for the final battle between him and Laurie. That said, there was still a killer in Corey Cunningham, an outcast who accidentally killed a little boy a year after Michael’s return. Initially a victim of circumstance, he eventually became an inspired assassin after meeting Michael.

By focusing on a different killer for most of the film, it became a Hallowe’en film in spirit but told a largely self-contained story. In a way, this choice pays homage to Carpenter’s original plan for an anthology series. While the slasher spirit lives on end halloweenCorey’s turn offered something different than, like Halloween III, was not well received by fans. That said, time can help. end halloween giving fans time to see what he had to say and embracing it as another attempt to push the narrative in a new direction.

To see the anthology reborn, Halloween Ends is now playing in theaters and streaming on Peacock.

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