GTA: San Andreas just got a brand-new mission



    GTA: San Andreas just got a brand-new mission - 19 years later

    Images via Rockstar Games

    The future of Grand Theft Auto is looking bright. Though our accidental peek at GTA 6 was pretty bare-bones, knowing that it was on the way was enough. Speculation about the reveal, launch, and details of the game have been all many of the industry have been talking about ever since.

    But it looks like we don’t have to wait all that time for some new GTA content, as new missions are making their way to the GTA titles of yesteryear. Now, it’s GTA: San Andreas’ turn to head back into the spotlight, as the 2004 title gets some love and attention.

    Modder introduces new cop mission to San Andreas

    Officer Jeffrey from the new police mission in San Andreas.

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    Moddb | Berony

    A new mod has appeared online and introduces GTA: San Andreas players to Officer Jeffrey, a police officer seeking to clean up San Fierro. The new mission was designed by modder Berony and was built using the Design Your Own Mission.

    The mod is described as an indirect sequel to the Las Vanturas Police Dept. mission, and it’s a pretty far cry from the gameplay that many expect from San Andreas. Remember, it’s especially because committing crimes is… basically the whole point of the game.

    It’s a nice touch, and it’s wonderful to see that there’s still plenty of content coming for even the most classic GTA titles while the series ploughs onward with new GTA Online content.

    How can I play the new cop level in GTA San Andreas?

    A cop car in the police mod in San Andreas.

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    moddb | Berony

    If you wanted to take this new fanmade level for a spin, you can do so by downloading it from its moddb site. Sadly this is a mission that’ll stay exclusive to PC versions of the game, but who knows – maybe Rockstar could gather the nerve to pull a Bethesda and welcome mod support to its classics on console.

    Even though the future of the franchise is nearly here, it’s nice to see players reflect on the classics and give them bonus features as they deserve. To be honest, we don’t expect fans will stop loving San Andreas any time soon.



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