Green Goblin’s 10 Best Quotes In Spider-Man (2002)


In 2002, Marvel’s well-known web-slinger, Spider-Man, made his debut on the large display screen. Expectations had been excessive, and whereas the film’s flaws grew to become extra noticeable over time, it stays memorable for higher or worse.

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A big a part of the movie’s memorability represents itself via its villain, Norman Osborn, aka The Green Goblin (William Dafoe). While he had sinister moments that he would channel in Spider-Man: No Way Home 19 years later, he wasn’t as scary because the film tried to painting him. Nevertheless, Dafoe’s over-the-top efficiency made the character’s villainy one in every of a form and supplied a lot of the movie’s iconic dialogue.

10 “Out Am I?”

Before this scene, the Board of Directors of Norman’s firm, Oscorp, knowledgeable him that they had been promoting the corporate to their enterprise rival and compelled his resignation. Norman tried to plead with them however to no avail as they advised him he was out.

Norman didn’t take kindly to this information and later confirmed up on the World Unity Festival as The Green Goblin for the primary time once they had been asserting the commerce. The Goblin fortunately mocked the board of administrators with their phrases earlier than tossing a bomb that turned all of them into skeletons.

9 “Back To Formula”

The Green Goblin stemmed from an enhancing serum Norman developed to accumulate a significant take care of the navy. He receives a two-week deadline to excellent the drug regardless of Norman’s assistant, Dr. Stromm (Ron Perkins), claiming they should begin from scratch, reciting this quote.

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Fearing the worst, Norman decides to check the drug on himself. It brings in regards to the start of The Goblin, who angrily strangles Stromm whereas repeating his phrases. His expressions are terrifying and showcase how far more he could possibly be with out the masks.

8 “Can The Spider-Man Come Out To Play?”

Shortly after the Green Goblin assaults his Aunt May (Rosemary Harris), Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) decides to name his love curiosity Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst), following a dialog with Aunt May about her. However, the Goblin is on the opposite line.

While audiences solely hear the Goblin’s voice, it carries a layer of creepiness, implying nothing good is about to occur. His tone is chilling and horrifying, and Peter will get pressured right into a horrible dilemma of letting Mary Jane or a bunch of youngsters die.

7 “First We Attack His Heart!”

During a Thanksgiving dinner, Aunt May invitations the Osborn household. While consuming, Norman notices a wound on Peter’s arm that he obtained in a battle with the Goblin. Despite Peter’s lies, he shortly places two and two collectively.

This occasion later causes Goblin to inform Norman that they’ll inflict much more ache on Spider-Man by attacking Peter’s family members. The quote leads them to try to kill Aunt May and set a brand new bar for Goblin’s sadistic actions. Although Aunt May survives, Peter realizes the Goblin is aware of his id and nobody is protected.

6 “MJ And I We’re Gonna Have A Hell Of A Time”

In the movie’s climax, Peter manages to avoid wasting Mary Jane and a automobile of youngsters, each of whom the Goblin had threatened to kill. However, the Goblin angrily beats Peter to a pulp. Peter tries to struggle again, however the Goblin stops him.

Goblin claims he’ll give Mary Jane a sluggish and painful loss of life as a consequence of hating Spider-Man’s stubbornness. The quote marks the overconfidence of the Goblin. It leads Peter to brutally beat him, forcing him to let Norman Osborn out to realize the higher hand.

5 “I Surrender!”

The Green Goblin first seems on the World Unity competition, the place he wreaks havoc on the occasion and its many voters on his glider. Spider-Man manages separate from his glider, inflicting him to crash to the bottom and into a close-by sales space.

The cops encompass and attempt to arrest him. The Goblin pretends to give up solely to beat all of them up mere seconds later. The supply of the road is so blatant that one can not help however chuckle at it. On prime of that, Spider-Man’s frightened response to his false give up solely provides to the humor.

4 “Finish It! Finish It!”

After discovering Spider-Man’s id, Goblin decides to assault Peter’s family members by going after his Aunt May. He bursts via her window whereas she is reciting the lord’s prayer.

Aunt May is horrified on the sight of the Goblin however continues to recite the prayer in her concern. All the whereas, Goblin forces her to say it to the tip. He has no motive to make Aunt could accomplish that apart from for his amusement. The proven fact that he makes Aunt May pray for her life in a scene the place she is already doing so makes him foolish however pleasant.

3 “Godspeed, Spider-Man”

In the movie’s climax, Spider-Man beats the Green Goblin so laborious that the latter has no selection however to let Norman out to cease him. The plan works, and Peter lets down his guard for just a few seconds.

Norman begs Peter’s forgiveness claiming that the Goblin dedicated his nefarious acts and that he could not cease him. He readies his glider into place whereas begging Peter for assist. However, Peter refuses, main the Goblin to set the glider in movement. His voice change cements the scene, giving a surprisingly spectacular means of differentiating the 2.

2 “The Itsy Bitsy Spider Went Up The Water Spout. Down Came The Goblin And Took The Spider Out”

Shortly earlier than the climax, The Goblin kidnaps Mary Jane and sabotages a trolley automobile full of college youngsters. After instilling concern in Mary Jane from abducting her, he fortunately sings his model of “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” earlier than inflicting extra chaos.

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The scene is a traditional instance of overacting however in the absolute best means. It showcases the Goblin’s twisted enjoyable in inflicting terror, makes him an enjoyably detestable villain within the vein of DC comedian’s Joker, and cements itself as a part of the movie’s tacky allure.

1 “In Spite Of Everything You’ve Done For Them, Eventually, They Will Hate You”

After knocking out Spider-Man on the Daily Bugle, the Goblin takes him aboard a rooftop, the place Peter can do nothing however take heed to the Goblin’s phrases. He tells Peter the general public will finally activate him and that they need to be a part of forces as a substitute.

While the Goblin’s phrases aren’t completely true for the movie, they might ring true as Spider-Man progressed into his profession and would expertise a sequence of mess-ups that briefly led him to surrender being a superhero. The quote supplies an fascinating outlook on Goblin’s perspective and performs a major half in Peter’s function as a hero.

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