Gravewood High Achievement guide & Walkthrough

Walkthrough video and written achievement guide with pictures for the current, Early Access version of the game. Guide will be updated for upcoming LVL2+3 too.

General information

Perfection time: 2-4h currently

Will there be new achievements?: YES

Perfection difficulty: 2/10 currently

It is very likely there will be achievements for collectibles (developers planning such, but not sure it will happen), but they not present in the walkthrough video, neither in the guide yet. (I found nearly all, done pictures about it) However, it is also possible, that we can’t just continue our game from end of chapter 1 upon release of Level 2 so perparing a save with all collectible also pointless.

Guide will be updated if such achievements will arrive.

Level 1

Achievements listed in chronological order

Guide will be updated with achievements pictures at a later point, probably during today night.

Welcome to Gravewood High

Crawl out of the well and observe the school

Storyline achievement.

Come to Grave

Disconnect the wire at the school sign.

This achievement currently bugged and awarded automatically when you reach the well, so in current state of the game this is the one you should get first, but this will probably fixed sooner or later. If that happened, then you need to disconnect the wire connected to this table at the outside area of the school:

Good Old Times

Find the room with the antique portrait

Gravewood High Achievement guide & Walkthrough

In the Physics class you will find a lever, pull it. It will make a cupboard to slide away, making a gap visible on the wall. Enter through it and you will find a room there with a portrait on the wall. Entering that room unlocks this achievement.

Forbidden Fruit always tastes the best

Pick up the thing you’ve been specifically asked not to

Storyline achievement, you need to pick up this weapon to progress in the game.

0/10 Would Not Recommend

Get out of the nasty basement

Storyline achievement. This is now at the area where you need to finish the world map. You need to go through a basement area to get one (or if you picked up from the museum, you forced to go down there too). Achievement unlocked upon escaping that basement.

Catch me if you can

Catch that damn laughing map fragment

Storyline achievement, while you trying to get the fragment for the world map. While approaching the map fragment, which carried away by a ghost(?) always, spam F and if you lucky you manage to pick it up:-)

Geography Ace

Assemble the world map

Storyline achievement.


Find the Halloween room

Theoretically missable, but it is very hard to miss if you explore the areas. When you would reach a room with 4 pillars, turn back and destroy the wall in front of you, the room is behind that wall.

Gravewood High Achievement guide & Walkthrough

Human Construction Kit

Assemble the missing human parts

In the Biology class room assemble the human body. All parts found in the same room.

Gravewood High Achievement guide & Walkthrough

You can never have too many

Find the skeleton with innumerable sculptures

Again, it is in the biology room, marked with orange circle on previous picture. It is behind a destructible wall, so destroy it and approach the red sculptures.


The floor is a staircase? Wut?

Storyline achievement.


Survive the loop

Storyline achievement.

Onward to the Past

Complete Level 1

Storyline achievement.

Level 2

Content for the game not released yet.

Level 3

Content for the game not released yet.

Walkthrough videos

Level 1

Level 2

Content for the game not released yet.

Level 3

Content for the game not released yet.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Gravewood High Achievement guide & Walkthrough that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Csontzuzo. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.


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