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    Instead of doing quests, one of the best ways to get items, fruits, and other accessories in Grand Piece Online is to trade with other players. While the trading feature is easy to use, it is the value of the item that confuses new players as they often underestimate or overquote it due to their lack of experience in the trading market. So, here is a list of trading values ​​for your reference if you are new to the world of Grand Piece Online.

    All item values ​​in Grand Piece Online (GPO)

    Below you can find all Grand Piece Online items and their gem value. Use both value and trends to make fair trades with other players on the server.

    Fruit Value List

    Fruit Worth Trend
    Pteranodon 9.5 Unstable
    Poison 2500 Unstable
    Mochi 2000 Unstable
    Buddha 1500 Stable
    Fresh air 1000 Stable
    tori 900 Stable
    pika 350 Stable
    Magu 125 Stable
    Mera 125 Stable
    Yuki 90 Stable
    suna 80 Stable
    Zushi 70 Stable
    Run fifty Stable
    gure 40 Stable
    goro 35 Stable
    yami twenty Stable
    kage twenty Stable
    ito 10 Stable
    Paw 10 Stable

    Item and accessory value list

    Item value Worth Trend
    PCC 282000 Unstable
    Prestige FW Lancer 166000 Unstable
    PIRB 120000 Unstable
    Candy Cane (unobtainable) 82000 Stable
    PFD 55000 Stable
    Bag of P 50000 Stable
    Yoru Sword 33500 Stable
    PFRL 34000 Stable
    Jfit 31000 Stable
    SK Scarf 30000 Stable
    Roger/Ace Sword 16000 Stable
    Valk Black 15000 Stable
    kikou 11000 Stable
    Red head 8000 Stable
    yukio bunny 7900 Stable
    flowers 7000 Stable
    valk 5000 Stable
    Coyote Fit 3500 Stable
    Guard 3200 Stable
    SK Guitar 3000 Stable
    cupid dress 2100 Stable
    OG Santa Hat (not obtainable) 2000 Stable
    Starkguns 1700 Stable
    Cupid’s wings 1700 Stable
    Iceborn Katana 1400 Stable
    Front boat 1350 Stable
    coffin ship 1300 Stable
    Mihawk suit 1200 Stable
    Roger’s suit 1200 Stable
    Flamenco Boat 1000 Stable
    eloegg 1000 Stable
    Ten tails 1000 Stable
    Mihawk Hat 800 Stable
    hoverboard 800 Stable
    Roger Hat 800 Stable
    azurkk armor 600 Stable
    azurekk gs 600 Stable
    Eloé Hammer 550 Stable
    warehouse 450 Stable
    baal head 450 Stable
    flower sword 400 Stable
    meg helmet 400 Stable
    haori thunder 400 Stable
    spare bag 400 Stable
    swarm of bats 350 Stable
    Thriller ship 300 Stable
    Rock star fit 300 Stable
    Ryuma Scarf 300 Stable
    bells 300 Stable
    baalfit 300 Stable
    Cupid’s diadem 300 Stable
    FW Lancer 250 Stable
    black bull 250 Stable
    Flashlight 250 Stable
    Iceborn Blade 200 Stable
    Iceborn Rapier 200 Stable
    SB Core 200 Stable
    Cupid’s wand 200 Stable
    Battery 200 Stable
    Canine 175 Stable
    rocket blade 150 Stable
    festive shield 150 Stable
    Festlancer 150 Stable
    DF Diary 150 Stable
    Veras Pipe 150 Stable
    Gauntlet 150 Stable
    Spirit Color 150 Stable
    Legendary Fruit Chest 150 Stable
    white beard cape 150 Stable
    Cape Azurekk 150 Stable
    jester hat 150 Stable
    Box J 150 Stable
    OG Elfhat (Unreachable) 150 Stable
    hollow hallberdo 150 Stable
    Mega Armor 150 Stable
    bone chill 150 Stable
    Iceborn Drag 100 Stable
    KK core 100 Stable
    Neptune’s Trident 100 Stable
    SK Beanie 100 Stable
    SK Shadows 100 Stable
    Cupid’s Ax 100 Stable
    Moria Necklace 100 Stable
    Hollow GS 100 Stable
    crocodile cape 90 Stable
    Karoo 75 Stable
    golden hammer 75 Stable
    Moria Scissors fifty Stable
    bisento fifty Stable
    carved crab fifty Stable
    Polo G fifty Stable
    black gallows fifty Stable
    Raiui fifty Stable
    SK Violin fifty Stable
    Rocket launcher fifty Stable
    FW Dagger fifty Stable
    Veraship fifty Stable
    Kessui fifty Stable
    grave fifty Stable
    shusui fifty Stable
    Baalcape fifty Stable
    sea ​​cape fifty Stable
    Flashlight fifty Stable
    Rare Fruit Chest 36 Stable
    Moria Hat 25 Stable
    Musashi Hat 25 Stable
    law cap 25 Stable
    law cloak 25 Stable
    Musashi Fit 25 Stable
    hook 25 Stable
    Anniversary hat 25 Stable
    Anniversary cap 25 Stable
    dark root 10 Stable
    preset 5 Stable

    How to Trade in Grand Piece Online

    To trade with GPO, follow the given steps.

    • Open GPO on your respective devices and access the main menu.
    • After launching the game, click on Universal Hub in the main menu.
    • Here you will have the option to choose between several modes; Choose the operations center to teleport to the operations section.
    • Now, click on the Negotiate button to open the Negotiation window. Enter the username of the person you want to trade with and tell them to accept your invitation.
    • Once the invitation is accepted, you will be able to start trading on GPO.

    For more information on Grand Piece Online, see GPO Fruit Tier List: Best Devil Fruits in Grand Piece Online or All Boss Respawn Times in Grand Piece Online – Roblox in Pro Gaming Guides.

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