Gotham Knights: How To Play Co-Op


Gotham Knights has arrived with a stunning open world Gotham and plenty of activities to keep you busy. This third-person shooter has some big shoes to fill as a continuation of the Arkham series sans Batman. You’ll be happy to hear that it comes with some completely new features to the Gotham Knights experience, allowing it to stand on its own pretty well.

RELATED: The Batman Arkham Series’ Best Villains, RankedWhile Gotham Knights feels right at home as a single-player experience, you’ll unlock the ability to engage in some seriously fun multiplayer. This will allow you to play co-op with a friend or jump into someone else’s game at random. An impressive aspect of multiplayer is the ability for the two players to split up, exploring opposite ends of the city without being tied to one another.


How to play with a friend

While you may be eager to jump into the multiplayer options as soon as possible, you’ll need to wait a bit. The game will not unlock its multiplayer options until you finish the first tutorial mission and your first night on patrol in Gotham City. This shouldn’t take more than an hour or two. It’s also worth noting that during this time you’ll be forced to play whoever you choose at the start of the game. You will be able to change Knights around the same time multiplayer unlocks.

RELATED: The Best Marvel Superhero Games, RankedAfter your first night on patrol, you’ll find yourself in Belfry Tower during the day. Once you’ve finished everything you need to do in the Belfry tower and gone about your business there, you’re ready for your second night of patrolling and co-oping. You can make quick adjustments to your social settings by opening the social wheel. On a controller, this would be done by holding left on the d-pad. To open the full suite of multiplayer options, you’ll want to open the pause menu where you’ll see Social and Multiplayer as tabs to select from.

Social media will allow you to do things like block people, see your friends, and invite people to your game. The multiplayer tab will allow you to participate in matchmaking where you can jump into someone else’s game looking for a crime fighting partner. You could be thrown into all sorts of scenarios, like an open world mission, a story mission, or a boss fight that causes someone trouble. If you jump into matchmaking, be prepared for anything.

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If you’re primarily a solo player, you may be wondering when you’ll get the most out of having someone else around. Well, if you’re having a particularly tough time with a boss fight, consider turning matchmaking on and allowing someone to join your game. You’ll often find that adding a second player can make all the difference. If a particular riddle has you stumped, two heads may be better than one to solve the problem. Otherwise, you might find that you enjoy having another player around while you stomp on crimes in the open world. Try it out and see what comes out.

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