Gotham Knights’ 5 Best Easter Eggs


For a game that has yet to be officially released to the public, a wealth of information about gotham knights it has been leaked to the public, especially from players who somehow got their pre-orders. gotham knights is an RPG set in Gotham City after Batman’s death leaves Gotham unprotected. Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing and Red Hood have teamed up to protect the city that Batman once called home and to which he ultimately gave his life.

Many franchises like to include callbacks, commonly known as Easter eggs, hidden within their games in a few subtle (or not-so-subtle) locations around the map. Warner Bros. is no different and has included plenty of Easter eggs inside gotham knights. More will surely be discovered later, but for now, here are the five best Easter eggs from gotham knights till the date.

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The Great Brute’s shield in Gotham Knights is the work of Harley Quinn

Warner Bros. has already confirmed that Harley Quinn has a role in gotham knights, and this Easter egg is a testament to that fact. Written on the shield of one of the Freaks is red spray-painted “Harley Was Here,” along with the Batman symbol with a line through it and Harley Quinn’s signature diamond pattern in the bottom corner. While we don’t know the exact role he will play yet, we do know that he is one of the biggest boss fights for players and a major villain in the game.

Wonder Woman merchandise can be found in the kitchen

Wonder Woman and Batman have crossed paths in the past in Justice League, so it makes sense to have another little crossover hidden in the new one. gotham knights play. Located in the kitchen corner in Belfry, the headquarters of the Batman family in gotham knights — is an apron hanging on the wall. The apron bears Wonder Woman’s symbol, which is a large Easter egg for fans to notice as they play.

Kirk Langstrom’s work with bats is highlighted in Gotham Knights

Alongside a larger prominent poster in Kirk Langstrom’s lab is a small poster detailing a study of a bat’s flight cycle. For those who already know the story behind Langstrom, you know exactly what this refers to. Dr. Kirk Langstrom is working on a serum to enhance the senses using material extracted from the glands of bats. The serum definitely worked to accomplish what he set out to do, but he got much more than he bargained for. Langstrom mutates into the Man-Bat, a bat/human hybrid who has acted as both an ally and an adversary to Batman.

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The Court of Owls make their mark on Gotham Knights

For any fan who has followed the Batman franchise for some time, it is immediately noticeable that the paintings in this room contain owls. The Court of Owls is a secretive political faction heard only in whispers and known through the crimes committed by their assassins, called Talons. The leaders are human and wear owl masks on their faces, but the rest of the Court are mutated human/owl hybrids. It will be interesting to see if there are more references to owls throughout the game when it launches.

A poster in Langstrom’s lab alludes to Batman’s childhood hero

Searching inside Kirk Langstrom’s lab, there is a poster on the wall from The Gray Ghost with a very interesting date. The poster reads: “The Gray Ghost, Back in Select Theaters 4-11-92.” Gray Ghost is Batman’s childhood hero from Batman: The Animated Series, specifically the episode titled “Beware the Gray Ghost”. The figure is a TV character that Bruce Wayne admired, and was even assisted by the actor who played The Gray Ghost when there was a sudden outburst of crime reminiscent of an episode of Gray Ghost. This is a great not-so-hidden Easter egg and a tribute to the animated series as well as Bruce Wayne himself.

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