Gordian Quest – Player vs Player Guide



    A guide on how to access Player vs. Player and invite your other Gordian Quest friends to a Duel!

    Accessing PVP

    Hey hero! Looking to clash?

    Access to PvP is relatively easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to find a match and invite your friends to go against you.

    Step No. 1

    From the main menu, press “Play” and select the last option.

    Step 2

    From here, you can adjust your deck, allowing you to enter the fray with your own playstyle.

    Choose your cards and build your deck accordingly. Then press the back button at the bottom left.

    Step 3

    If applicable, select your region. The closer your area, the shorter the gap.

    These are the available areas you can choose from.

    Can I play with friends?

    Yes, you can invite a friend who also owns Gordian Quest. Make sure you’re both on the multiplayer page, then press the sword button to challenge them to a duel.

    Both players take turns choosing their heroes.

    Player 1 chooses one hero, followed by Player 2 choosing two.

    Then player 1 chooses two heroes, and player 2 chooses his last hero.

    Step 4

    Once both players have established their party, the battle begins. Whichever goes first depends on the move as shown at the top of the screen.

    Congratulations! Now you know how to test your skills against others. good luck!



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