Googles Pixel 8 rumoured to feature staggered HDR resuscitation


    The Pixel 8 will probably be Google’s 2023 flagship smartphone. Despite the fact that the device won’t be released for ten months, leaked code suggests the device’ll feature a new camera mode.

    In Spotted by droid developer Kuba Wojieciechowski (via The Verge), googles hai- and shi-nay phones, named the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, will bring a staggered HDR to their cameras.

    Staggered HDR is a photography technique where long and short exposure are both taken as both as a result and then combined together in a single image. This makes images faster, and better and more crisp when the subject is moving. The current method of Google is slightly different and is called HDR Plus Bracketing. This allows quick succession to take pictures and then creates a final image with a wide dynamic range. As is motion, these results with poor images.

    Long story short, thanks to Google, we got a clean, unobfuscated version of the Google Camera Go, and includes references that appear to confirm that flagship Pixels in 2023 Husky and Shiba will support staggered HDR. is a virtual virtual reality device where users can use a microphone for camera.

    Kuba Wojciechowski (@Za_Raczke) December 19, 2022.

    If this functionality is already up for Pixel, then we should expect that Googles smartphones will likely feature new sensors in 2023. The Pixel 7 and 7 Pros are powered by the Isocell GN1, but this sensor doesn’t support the taggered HDR. The Pixel 8-series presumably would be able to feature the Samsung Isocell GN2 with no staggered HDR. GN2 also provides a better autofocus due to its improved phase section array.

    Given the Pixel 8, though the release date is almost a year, and it’s likely that many more leaks will be announced before the release of the Google’s 2023 flagships.

    Source: Kuba Wojciechowski Via: The Verge.


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