Google Home is able to remotely control your TV



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    Google Home becomes a center for all your entertainment. The latest update benefited from the support for the remote control of your TV.

    There’s no one able to access the remote. To find out, some Google Home users already see an odd button when opening the application. The first time users can test the feature on Googles preview. The feature is generally available soon. We don’t have to do anything yourself: Google introduces the latest new feature with a server-side update. You don’t even have to update the Google Home app on your device.

    Anyone who already can use the update will notice that the full remote control is contained in the app. You could switch your television on or off from the Home app. The digital remote control is clearly a huge step forward. You can pause and resume your movie or series, adjust the volume and even select a different input device. You shouldn’t look for an remote remote control to operate your TV set.

    Android TV, Tizen and WebOS.

    The remote control in Google Home has been working some time since an Android TV was introduced. Despite the fact that the phones of the Samsung brand run on Tizen, LG has used WebOS as a operating system for several years. Previously, the owners of a Samsung or LG device could only switch off their television. The new remote control solves this problem.

    It doesn’t seem like the Samsung or LG remote control would disappear out of the living room anytime soon. Apple TVs work well with the digital remote control than Android movies or iPod touch games. The interface will not allow you to click around. Users who have an LG or Samsung TV have to use the remote switch to turn on your favourite Netflix or Disney-style movies.

    Air cleaners and ventilators are available.

    With Google Home, you can operate your fans and air cleaner system, but it’s just too funny. This new feature is updated on the server-side as the digital remote control.



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