Goku Vs. Thanos: Who’s Stronger?


Goku from Dragonball and Thanos from the MCU are considered some of the best warriors in their respective universes. Goku pushes limit after limit, constantly looking for the next fight and the next challenge. Meanwhile, Thanos is a deadly fighter and conqueror, and nearly unstoppable in a fight. The feats performed to even draw blood from Thanos were incredible, not to mention actually stopping him.

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As a result, the prospect of pitting the unstoppable force against the immovable object is very exciting. Who would win in a one-on-one fight? Goku’s boundless Ki and unerring determination, or the relentless strength and brutality displayed by Thanos?

11/11 Speed: Goku is faster than the eye can see.

Speed ​​is one of the most vital elements in a fight. particularly in Dragon BallFighters’ progression is rarely tracked through feats of great strength or ki, instead focusing on their ever-increasing speed. As the fighters power up, the fights speed up. Goku excels in this part of the battle, moving fast enough to compete with Hit, a time-stopping assassin.

Combined with forms like Ultra Instinct and Goku’s training under Whis, his speed has only gotten more incredible. Meanwhile, Thanos doesn’t have that speed in his arsenal. While he certainly can move quickly, he is nothing compared to Goku, who can outrun time stoppers like Hit.

10/11 Strength: Both Goku and Thanos have achieved great feats

In terms of strength, both Goku and Thanos have it in aces. Thanos has shown her strength time and time again in fights against the Hulk, Thor, and the Avengers. Likewise, Goku has spent his entire life training and developing his strength, and as an adult, he is capable of incredible feats of strength.

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At a certain point, however, the force is so uniform that it ceases to be a factor. Both Goku and Thanos have been shown to be capable of superhuman feats of strength, and it would be difficult to compare them directly due to how impressive both fighters’ feats are.

9/11 Durability: Thanos shrugs off insane damage

While Goku has shown himself to be capable of incredible feats of strength, the same cannot be said for his physical durability. Thanos is a walking tank and he’s so durable that he can shrug off what should have been a killing blow from a weapon like Thor’s Stormbringer, not to mention the fact that no other Avenger managed to even slow him down.

Meanwhile, Goku has shown that his physical durability is one of its lower limits, even the slightest slip opening his guard to a potentially fight-ending injury, especially against someone like Thanos who can take a lot of damage and dish it out. out to the same extent.

8/11 Intelligence: Thanos’ intellect is nearly impossible to match.

While he is sometimes the victim of poor decision-making, there’s no denying that Thanos has a brilliant intellect. Hailed as one of the most brilliant minds in the universe, not to mention one of the most twisted, few can match Thanos’s brains.

While Thanos is one of the smartest beings in a universe full of geniuses, Goku isn’t even the smartest person in his immediate circle by a long shot. Often depicted as childishly clueless and naive, it’s hard to imagine Goku ever approaching Thanos’ intelligence, let alone being a match for him.

7/11 Combat Ability: Goku is an incredibly well-trained warrior with few limits.

Goku has proven, time and time again, that there is no limit to his combat capabilities. The only theme of Dragon Ball is that the limits are to be broken, and Goku shows it more than anyone. The sheer stubbornness of him means that even when he is facing superior enemies, Goku will stop at nothing to overcome them. The mere thought makes him dizzy.

While Thanos has shown great fighting ability, dismantling the Hulk in a series of quick and accurate blows in infinity warConsidering Goku’s Ki, transformations, and utter refusal to give up until he has given his all, Goku emerges victorious.

6/11 Combat experience: Goku has spent his entire life in one-on-one fights

Similar to combat ability, Goku has superior combat experience, at least in terms of relevance. Thanos has proven himself to be a galactic conqueror, a mighty fighter, and a fierce strategist. However, Goku has trained since childhood to fight one-on-one fights, and that kind of preparation makes a world of difference in a battle between the two.

While Thanos may be a more capable commander or general combatant, Goku is the perfect duelist and excels in one-on-one fights, arguably his best fighting type. That experience is much more relevant in a battle between the two, meaning Goku emerges victorious.

4/11 Fighting Instinct: Goku’s instinct can take him through anything.

Instinct is just as important as ability and experience, as demonstrated through forms like Goku’s Ultra Instinct. Because Goku spent his entire life fighting enemy after enemy, he has had a constant influx of combat experience, something that is a major development for a Saiyan. This includes his instincts, which were lethally sharp even at a young age and have only improved as he has grown more powerful.

This peaked with the aforementioned Ultra Instinct, an ultimate form of Zen and combat instinct. With that in mind, it’s hard to compare Thanos, as Goku is on a whole different level, having mastered instinct in a godlike combat form.

3/11 Honorable Mentions: Goku’s friends are his greatest power

Time and time again, Goku proved that he was nothing without his friends and allies. Throughout his adventures, he befriends just about everyone he meets, and these abundant connections make a world of difference. Even when they’re not directly involved in a fight, they’re often the subject of a turning point, like a spiritual bombshell, a final push of motivation, or a reminder of what he’s fighting for.

While their role in a one-on-one fight would be minimal at best, some of the Z-Fighters’ best moments have been supporting Goku and the others from the sidelines. The power of friendship is a cliché, but it can also make the difference in a fight in the world of Dragon Ball.

2/11 Honorable Mentions: Thanos’ Infinity Stones Are Divine

Realistically speaking, the Infinity Stones are an instant win button. As Thanos showed, once he has enough power, no one can even lay a finger on him. His power skyrockets exponentially with each additional stone he holds, practically reaching supreme godhood when he has them all.

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Even Goku, at his most powerful, is unlikely to be able to lay a finger on him, but frankly, that goes for anyone trying to go one-on-one with Thanos when he has the full Infinity Gauntlet. As a result, in whatever hypothetical situation he has it in, it’s a guaranteed win for Thanos and is omitted from general consideration.

1/11 Winner: Goku wins, albeit narrowly

Ignoring the hypothetical situation in which Thanos wields the divine power of the completed Infinity Gauntlet, Goku defeats Thanos in a one-on-one fight, but narrowly. Despite his superior combat instincts, experience, and ability, Thanos is not only incredibly resilient, but cunning, intelligent, and deadly in a fight when he has to be.

While Goku will likely ultimately win, there’s no question that it would be a brutally even fight, and he’d have to fight for every step toward that finish line. But eventually, he would reach that finish line. He might even leave a couple of bite marks.

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