Going Medieval Storage Requirements

For version dated 12 Jun 2021

A summary of storage requirements (cooling, floor, ceiling) for current resources/items in-game.


Rewritten the guide and summarize into as few words/points as possible while dropping all the data which cannot be displayed properly by steam anyway.

The data is for release version 0.5.28, which may be changed later if the build is changed.

The rest of the guide is simply broken into an basic information section and two additional sections which can be used independently based on need: A section that lists all storage requirement types and what is appropriate there, and another section with some notes, which may be more useful when setting stockpile filters.

Hope this is useful for people new to the game.

Basic information

Decay and Rot

  • There are two ways items and resources can spoil/becomes unusable: they can decay by losing condition (hitpoints) and disappears when exhausted, or they can rot (applicable to food items) by losing freshness and spoils (usually change into a corresponding waste item) when exhausted (any resultant waste item can then decay until it disappears).
  • Depending on the item type, both condition and freshness are possibly damaged by three possible factors: temperature, ground and weather

Storage conditions

  • To protect against temperature, keep things refrigerated in a cool environment (e.g. cellar). (there are two thresholds, below 5 deg C / 41 deg F, and below 10 deg C / 50 deg F)
  • To protect against ground, item should be stored on constructed floor.
  • To protect against weather (rain / snow / thunderstorm / hailstorm), item should be stored under cover (including roof/constructed above, and natural terrain).

Storage Requirement Summary

  • No requirements : clay, limestone, bricks, ores, ingots, coal
  • Requires floor, cover and refrigeration (< 5 deg C / 41 deg F): all raw food except barley. All meals except pickled vegetable and packaged meals, carcass except bones. herbs and healing kits
  • Requires floor, cover and chilling (< 10 deg C / 50 deg F): pickled vegetable
  • Require only cover: ale, wine, beer
  • Requires only floor: bones
  • Requires floor and cover: most other items including equipment, barley, packaged meals, alcohol, wood and sticks, books


  • Among Food / Meals, only packaged meals have no temperature decay/rot, so can be stored at any temperature as long as it has floor and is covered. Pickled vegetable has a higher temperature threshold before spoiling (10 deg C / 50 deg F). At the moment, it seems to be the only item in this category.
  • Among Food / Stimulants, Ale / Beer / Wine only requires cover to store, but Alcohol requires floor as well.
  • Among Food / Raw food, Barley is currently the only raw food that is not affected by temperature, though it still requires floor and cover. It can be stored outdoors in an open barn.
  • Among Materials, herbs and healing kits requires refrigeration. The rest are not affected by temperature.
  • Smoked meat still requires similar refrigeration as raw meat, but decays/spoils way slower under same conditions.
  • In a similar way, Beet also lasts longer than other raw food (except Barley) having same storage requirements

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Going Medieval Storage Requirements that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank sf. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.