God of War Ragnarok Becomes Fastest-Selling First-Party PlayStation Game in History


we all knew god of war ragnarok It was going to be a smash hit this year, but we didn’t anticipate it breaking records. The game is now the best-selling first-party PlayStation game in history, and that’s no small feat.

God of War in itself is a game that brings back boiling happy feelings from childhood as we all sit down ready to find out what story would unfold before our very eyes. This November, we were introduced to what the developers claim is the final game in the series, God of war Ragnarok. Of course, knowing that this could be the end of Kratos overall had fans on the edge of their seats for this release, but the content and story itself had people chomping at the bit with anticipation. In a recent cheep of @playstationwe learned that fans and players alike were much more excited about this release than anyone thought possible.

This was not only a record for the franchise itself, but it was the fastest selling first-party PlayStation title in history. The action-adventure game sold 5.1 million copies in the week of its debut, and those numbers are still rising as we speak.

Techraptor had the opportunity to chat with Danielle Bisuttithe iconic motion capture actress who plays the role of Freya in God of war Ragnarok. During this interview, Bisutti stated that he “hopes he receives the recognition he deserves” when talking about ragnarok. Hopefully seeing this monumental record broken encapsulates that recognition vision I had and ensures that all that hard work, energy and dedication from the team paid off in the end. Sadly, this might be the last time we see a new addition to the God of War franchise, but what a great way to end an era.

If you want to see what we think god of war ragnarok then be sure to check out our review!


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