Gladiator Guild Manager Attribute + Classes + Skills And Walkthrough Guide

A quick summary on what the different attributes do for a few classes (to be expanded in the future) and some key milestones and rough guidance.


Attributes are the core of every gladiator and their values determine the power of your gladiator. Every levelup allows the player to increase those attributes 5 times and all ordinary items and consumables also modify those attributes.

So let’s have a quick look at the available attributes:

  • Strength, Agility, Intelligence: The core attributes. What do they do? By themselves they do absolutely nothing! But still they are the most valuable stats your gladiator have. When looking at the skills of your gladiator, try hovering over any number that has a slight grey background. Now you can see which attribute influences those numbers in what way. And as this confuses many players, this guide aims to bring some light into the details here.
    Each attribute point adds 2 Strength/Agility/Intelligence!
Gladiator Guild Manager Attribute + Classes + Skills And Walkthrough
  • Health: Straight forward: How much OOMPH your gladiator can suffer before (s)he passes out (or dies, if you play perma death…) Obviously front liners require more than back liners. But even those may catch some stray arrows, so don’t forget this entirely.
    Each attribute point adds 60 Health!
  • Stamina: Most skills (including all attacks) have a Stamina cost. And when your gladiator has not enough stamina, (s)he most likely will just stand around and do nothing. Stamina regenerates slowly (some traits accelerate it though). Since the stamina cost of your skill rises as you level up, always keep an eye on the ratio between your max stamina and the stamina required for your skills. Alternatively look closely during battle on what your gladiators do. If you catch them napping, you should probably add some more points of stamina.
    Each attribute point adds 30 Stamina!
  • Movement: How quick your character zooms around the battlefield. A tank just standing in front probably doesn’t need much. Some Worg who should hunt down backliners probably needs a good amount. And most ranged chars don’t need any, unless you have no frontline and want them to kite your enemies. But don’t expect this to go too well…
    Each attribute point adds 2 Movement!

Fundamentals and the goal of this guide

In this guide, we will mostly have a look at what Strength/Agility/Intelligence do for your characters.

Health, Stamina and Movement are more universal and I trust your own judgement to decide how much you really need of those.

From now on, we will use some standard abbreviations to make everything more readable.

  • Strength = STR
  • Agility = AGI
  • Intelligence = INT

Generally, there are two kinds of effects an attribute can have:

Gladiator Guild Manager Attribute + Classes + Skills And Walkthrough

Uncapped effects: More is better. Even more is even better.The easiest example for this is damage. So each point of STR raises the damage of Berserker’s Long Axe attack damage by 10 points. And if you have 1.000 STR, you get 10.000 damage from it. Great!

Gladiator Guild Manager Attribute + Classes + Skills And Walkthrough

Capped effects: More is better, but there is a limit. And even more doesn’t help you any further. To stick with the example of Berserker’s Long Axe Attack, let’s have a look at its cooldown. Each point of INT reduces it by 0.05 sec. The value starts at 1.5 sec, but there is a minimum of 0.5 sec cooldown. So having more than 20 INT does not help you any further.

A general observation is, that uncapped effects usually have diminishing returns (in a relative sense). When your Long Axe Attack deals 100 damage and you add 10 STR, you effectively double your damage. Do you add another 10 STR, you only raise your damage by another 50%.

On contrary, most capped effects actually have increasing returns. So if your cooldown of Long Axe Attack is 1.5 sec (this would require INT 0, but w/e), adding 10 INT would bring the cooldown to 1 sec and effectively allow you 50% more attacks in the same time. But adding another 10 INT would result in a cooldown of 0.5 sec, thus doubling your potential attacks / time.

This is also the reason why it is important to pay attention to those key limits of your attributes! You may want to hit them, but there is no point in overshooting them!



The Knight is the the most basic melee unit in the game.

When starting with default settings it is unlocked from the beginning.

It’s main utility is it’s strong Shield Block ability, making it your primary tank, holding the front line no matter what is thrown at him.

The Knights damage output is mediocre, especially due to the way the attributes align. It would be possible to stat a Knight for damage, but in all honesty, there are better classes out there for this.


Melee Attack

This skill is as spectacular as its name. Just hit the guy next to you with a sword.

Damage: 7 AGI + 2 STR

Execution Time: 0.6 – 0.002* AGI, caps at 0.4

Cooldown: 1.3 – 0.04 INT, caps at 0.9

Shield Block

Another very basic skill, but a true gem. They key to consider here is the fact that Shield Block blocks Melee, Ranged and AoE damage. For comparison: Dodge blocks Melee and Ranged, Weapon Block works only against Melee!

Also its stat growth is extremely good.

Damage blocked (M/R/A): 20 + 7 STR + 1.5 AGI

Cooldown: 1 – 0.071 INT, caps at 0.15

Effects by Attribute


  • 2 Melee Attack damage
  • 7 Shield Block damage blocked (M/R/A)


  • 7 Melee Attack damage
  • -0.002 Melee Attack execution time (caps at 100 AGI, +50% improvement)
  • 1.5 Shield Block damage blocked (M/R/A)


  • -0.04 Melee Attack cooldown (caps at 10 INT, +44% improvement)
  • -0.071 Shield block cooldown (caps at 12 INT + 566% improvement)


With a Knight, you have to make the decision if you want him to deal damage or you want him to block. If you want him to deal damage, AGI is your key attribute, if you want him to tank, STR is what really matters.

But regardless, make sure to quickly hit 12 INT. Reducing the Shield Block cooldown from 1 sec to 0.15 sec effecitvely lets you block 7 times as many attacks, which is key when facing multiple enemies. And 12 INT is really not a big price to pay. If you put the points in or have an item bring him to the threshold is your choice. And even when you only care about offense, those INT points will dramatically increase your damage output by reducing the Knights Melee Attack cooldown by ~30%

What, to me, makes the Knight a tank is another consideration though. Not only has the Knight the rare ability to block all kinds of damage, but there is also the question of what else would be required to make the Knight a decent Melee fighter. Melee Attack at higher character levels has a comparably high Stamina cost, while Shield Block doesn’t require Stamina at all. You can also skip Movement Speed entirely, as you can tank from any range.

Also notice that AGI reduces the execution time of Melee Attack, but when facing melee fighters this won’t help you, since you are capped by your cooldown! This only matters in running fights, e.g. when chasing a kiting Archer


  • get INT/STR equally until you have 12 INT
  • dump everything else into STR + Health
  • ignore AGI, Stamina, Movement Speed



The Berserker is a more offensive minded melee gladiator with a very mixed bag of attribute effects.

When starting with default settings it is unlocked from the beginning.

The Berserker can deal good damage in melee, but with his 2 seperate melee ranges becomes more tricky to skill and utilize properly. Special attention should be paid to his Kick ability, which can knock enemies down.

Surprisingly, the Berserker ends as a quite versatile character, who does not really excel at anything though. It can do a lot, but has troubles doing anything perfectly.

Defensively he only has a weak Weapon Block, which means you probably want some other character like a Knight to take the beating instead of having the Berserker hold the front line alone.


Long Axe Attack

A melee attack that only works in a rather tight range band, as it has a significant minimum range. Damage wise this is probably one of the most devestating attacks in the game, getting a whopping 10 damage per STR point!

Damage: 10 STR + 2 AGI

Execution Time: 0.9 – 0.003* AGI, caps at 0.5

Cooldown: 1.5 – 0.05 INT, caps at 0.5


A melee attack that compliments Long Axe Attack, by working inside its minimum range. Sadly it has flipped damage attributes, making things really complicated. While less damage than the axe, it is still a good attack.

Damage: 7 AGI + 3 STR

Execution Time: 1.0 – 0.004 * AGI, caps at 0.5

Cooldown: 0.9 – 0.02 INT, caps at 0.5


A true gem in the Berserkers arsenal. Yes you don’t use this for the damage. But the knockdown is crucial, because people on the floor don’t hit you back. Oh, and did I mention it kicks the opponent back into Long Axe Attack range? Yeah, this can be really nice! But there is a significant cooldown, so this remains a support skill. There are better gladiators if you look for perma knock down. (e.g. Marauder)

Damage: 2 AGI

Knockdown time: 1.5 + 0.018 * AGI, caps at 4

Execution Time: 0.8 – 0.004 * AGI, caps at 0.3

Cooldown: 10 – 0.208 INT, caps at 5

Weapon Block

This is really a poor mans block. Blocks only melee damage and has some (for a melee character) weak scaling. Consider it nice to have, but you shouldn’t lose sleep over this one.

Damage blocked (M): 15 + 2 AGI

Cooldown: 1.2 – 0.063 INT, caps at 0.25

Effects by Attribute


  • 10 Long Axe Attack damage
  • 3 Punch damage


  • 2 Long Axe Attack damage
  • -0.003 Long Axe Attack execution time (caps at 133 AGI, +80% improvement)
  • 7 Punch damage
  • -0.004 Punch execution time (caps at 125 AGI, +100% improvement)
  • 2 Kick damage
  • +0.018 Kick knockdown time (caps at 139 AGI, +166% improvement)
  • -0.004 Kick execution time (caps at 125 AGI, +166% improvement)
  • 2 Weapon Block damage blocked (M)


  • -0.05 Long Axe Attack cooldown (caps at 20 INT, +200% improvement)
  • -0.002 Punch cooldown (caps at 20 INT + 80% improvement)
  • -0.208 Kick cooldown (caps at 24 INT, +100% improvement)
  • -0.063 Weapon block cooldown (caps at 15 INT + 380% improvement)


Statting a Berserker is probably the most tricky task when looking at the early characters. The main reason lies in those 2 melee attacks with flipped damage attributes. It is really tempting to go for those huge Large Axe Attack hits by going deep into STR, but then you realize you only get one per enemy usually, and the remaining attacks are all Punches.

Since Long Axe Attack is the only skill where STR really plays a role, while AGI has a ton of effects, even though none of those may really stand out, I still end up with highly favoring AGI over STR. Over a full battle, at least imho, this leads to better and more reliable results.

INT is less of a discussion, you certainly want your character to at least enough INT, so your execution time is not less than your cooldown on Punch. I usually just go to 24 for the Kick cooldown, as I value knockdowns highly and you are nearly there anyway.

Though it is important to notice that this is not such a straight attribute rush to 24 INT as it is with other characters.

So, AGI > STR, 24 INT, why did I call it tricky? Because we aren’t done yet. As a melee front liner you need a good amount of HP, especially as your Weapon Block barely helps against melee and not at all vs anything else. You also probably don’t want to fool around with 13 movement speed all game, as you need some gap closing capabilties. And lastly, when you stat fully in AGI, you are going to also require quite a bit of Stamina to keep your rage flowing. Balancing all this ends up as a tricky affair.

I personally usually aim for a movement speed at around 20-22. You don’t need this super early, when you only fight 2-4 characters, but should have it by about level 6. At least one point per level up goes into Health, depending on what items you have. If you get more Health from items, this may suffice, otherwise 2 points per level up may be necessary. Add a point in Stamina per level up on the later levels and not much remains.


  • 1-2 points per levelup in Health, depending on items
  • get to around 20 Movement speed between level 4 and 6
  • either aim for around INT 18 or INT 24, but don’t rush it
  • later levels you want to keep up with Stamina
  • everything else (~2 points per level) into AGI



The Archer is probably the best single target damage dealer in the game!

When starting with default settings it is unlocked from the beginning.

Most players consider the Archer to be the back bone of your Gladiator party. It’s extremely high damage output combined with the ability to quickly pick off ranged/support characters can quickly decide most battles in your favor. Just remember to change your targeting priorities accordingly!

While it’s Dodge skill may not have the most overwhelming stat growth, it aligns nicely attribute wise and can easily save a bunch of points in Health.

Oh, and I shouldn’t have to mention this, but…: Don’t get into Melee.

Bonus tipp: Enemy Mana Assassins love to go for your Archers, and once they pop out of stealth, your archers are locked in melee and look like fools. You can’t target them directly, BUT if you position yourself correctly and target an enemy so that the Mana Assassin is right between you and the enemy, you will nuke the Assassin even while it is stealthed and coming for you.


Shoot Arrow

Shoot Arrow shoots an Arrow. A single target high DPS skill with infinite range, which initially can miss, but this quickly becomes a thing of the past.

Damage: 25 + 5 STR + 3.5 AGI

Accuracy: 80% + 0.444% * AGI, caps at 100%

Execution Time: 1.1 – 0.007 * AGI, caps at 0.3

Cooldown: 0.6 – 0.007 INT, caps at 0.5

Melee Attack

You don’t want to be in melee. I was considering not even mentioning this skill, because it may confuse some people into believing that they should pay attention how to improve it. You can improve it by not getting into melee. Period!

Damage: 1.1 STR

Execution Time: 1.0 – 0.005 * AGI, caps at 0.4

Cooldown: 1.2 – 0.033 INT, caps at 0.7


Allows to block some melee and ranged damage. It scales extremely slow compared to other classes damage mitigation but since you get it basically for free it is still a nice addition to save you a bunch of points in Health, so you survive a few stray hits.

Damage blocked (M/R): 15 + 1.1 AGI

Cooldown: 2 – 0.073 INT, caps at 0.25

Effects by Attribute


  • 5 Shoot Arrow damage
  • 1.1 Melee Attack damage


  • 3.5 Shoot Arrow damage
  • 0.444% Shoot Arrow accuracy (caps at 45 AGI, +25% improvement)
  • -0.007 Shoot Arrow execution time (caps at 115 AGI, +266% improvement)
  • -0.005 Melee Attack execution time (caps at 120 AGI, +150% improvement)
  • 1.1 Dodge damage blocked (M/R)


  • -0.007 Shoot Arrow cooldown (caps at 14 INT, +20% improvement)
  • -0.033 Melee Attack cooldown (caps at 15 INT, +71% improvement)
  • -0.073 Dodge cooldown (caps at 24 INT + 700% improvement)


Archers look very straightforward, until you overthink them, then you believe they are tricky and then in the end, they become easy again.

Your biggest priority is to reach 45 AGI asap. You really want to have 100% accuracy, because nothing sucks more than missing your first arrow on an enemy ranged gladiator, getting shot in the face by him and being dead. You want to always hit! So 45 AGI, then let’s see what else we need.

You can ignore Movement Speed, unless you plan some party without any melee and you want to kite enemies around. But not sure that is the smartest of all plans.

With Health you should just judge your battles. It is useful to be able to survive one shot of an enemy. So if you feel like you get shot down right at battle start, add some Health. You probably don’t want more, because it is more efficient to just make sure the opponent doesn’t shoot twice at you by adding more damage on your side. (And making sure to target ranged enemies first…)

Stamina is more interesting. My personal minimum is enough Stamina to fire 4 shots, sometimes I aim for 5. Especially later when you fire really fast, this doesn’t last long, but at the same time, it is more important to quickly knock out enemies with the first shots to win those shootout situations. Sustained damage later on is nice, but worth nothing if you can’t win that shootout. But especially bonus Stamina from items is always welcome for me.

So this brings us back to STR/AGI/INT after the 45 AGI milestone.

Since I already discussed the importance of winning shootouts, I prefer AGI here, since you shoot faster, as this also lets you fight situation where the opponent has more ranged gladiators than you do. Straight up STR might give you a bit more dmg per hit, but the speed can really help you out, even if it reduces your Stamina efficiency oh so slightly.

So should you go al the way to 114 AGI to minimize your execution time of Shoot Arrow? Nope. Since your cooldown of Shoot Arrow is 0.5 sec at best, there is no point in trying to get faster. And at this point STR becomes simply better by adding more damage (and while the dodge from AGI is nice, it should be considered a bonus, nothing more)

So what you really need is 86 AGI. Just pay attention that once you have more than 72 AGI, you may also have to add a few points to INT (up to 14) to reduce your cooldwon on Shoot Arrow from 0.6 to 0.5.

Once this is reached you can maximize your damage by pumping the rest in STR.

You might get tempted to get to INT 24, because it looks like such a great improvement on your dodge cooldown, but unlike with melee chars getting hit that fast in succession is rather unlikely for a ranged char, so this benefit rarely every helps you, so I wouldn’t aim for this.


  • get 45 AGI asap
  • get as much Health and Stamina as required
  • get to 86 AGI and 14 INT, then dump the rest in STR
  • Alternative: get to 72 AGI, then dump the rest in STR



The Pyromancer is an extremely simple but effective AoE damager dealer, but also extremely squishy.

When starting with default settings you don’t start with the necessary building, but you can build it and Pyromancers can appear from day1 in the gladiator shop.

It only posesses a single skill, being really effective vs clustered piles of enemies. Against single or spaced out targets it is advisable to keep the Pyromancer at home, as its damage here can’t compare to something like an Archer.

Keeping Pyromancers alive is a tricky issue though, as it lacks any sort of damage mitigation against ranged attacks.


Sky Fire Bolt

Simpler people would call it fire ball or meteor. A rather slow casting Area of Effect spell causing significant damage on impact and some further burning damage.

Be reminded that there are a bunch of items which have special effects vs. burning enemies.

Damage: 3 STR + 0.5 INT

Burning Damage: 4 INT

AoE: 1.6 + 0.038 STR, caps at 3.5

Execution Time: 2.25 – 0.013* AGI, caps at 0.75

Cooldown: 2 – 0.008 AGI, caps at 0.75

Effects by Attribute


  • 3 Sky Fire Bolt damage
  • 0.038 Sky Fire Bolt AoE (caps at 50 STR, +118% improvement)


  • -0.013 Sky Fire Bolt execution time (caps at 115 AGI, +200% improvement)
  • -0.008 Sky Fire Bolt cooldown (caps at 156 AGI, +166%% improvement)


  • 0.5 Sky Fire Bolt damage
  • 4 Sky Fire Bolt burning damage


The Pyromancer really shines when it can hit 3+ enemies with a single Fireball Sky Fire Bolt. Since you don’t have any damage mitigation skill, remember to give the Pyromancer a bit more Health than you would with other comparable ranged characters.

Also always keep a look on the Stamina cost. It is possible to get Stamina costs on Sky Fire Bolt that exceed the initial Stamina of your Pyromancer. You look really stupid when this happens. Have been there, trust me.

But when looking at the core attributes, the Pyromancer holds some surprise. Even though it looks like a caster, it’s most important attribute is STR, especially when you haven’t maxed your AoE yet (this happens at STR 50). This goes so far that I would prioritize STR items for a Pyromancer instead of a melee character as long as the AoE cap isn’t reached. Because as I initially said, the Pyromancer shines only when hitting multiple targets. AoE lets you do this. If you don’t get AoE, just use an Archer for single target pewpew.

Once you have reached 50 STR, you have a decision to make.

In fact I have seen people argue for each of the 3 attributes to dump into. First of all, I would recommend not to dump into AGI though. Yes, the idea of the Pyromancer spamming those bolts every 0.75 seconds is really funny. But remember the Stamina cost. Even without any AGI, you will need a good amount of Stamina to keep her barrage running. Hurling 3 times as many Bolts won’t help you there with the Stamina management.

So this leaves us with STR and INT. STR is great for direct damage, while INT gives you significant burning damage. Generally I would say that STR is better when targetting the back line, while INT excels vs. front liners. Since is is much easier to get the opponents melee to clump up, I usually end up with going for INT here.


  • get 50 STR asap
  • get as much Health and Stamina as needed
  • dump rest into INT (or STR, if all you care is direct damage)



The Cryomancer is the first real support gladiator you will encounter, focussed on freezing/pushing back enemy gladiators.

When starting with default settings you don’t start with the necessary building, but you can build it and Cryomancers can appear from day1 in the gladiator shop.

In other computer games, you would probably classify the Cryomancer as a disabler/debuffer. It’s main task is to freeze the enemies, and since he has a huge cooldown on this, he occasionally helps out by pushing an enemy away. Oh, and don’t expect any significant damage from your Cryomancer. This is someone elses job.

Similar to the Pyromancer, the Cryomancer lacks any defensive abilties, so you should be extra careful when facing the initial barrage of enemy fire.

Bonus Tipp: Give the Cryomancer an extra look when you think about playing PermaDeath. It’s freeze/pushback allows some odd strategies based around only or almost only DPS ranged characters that can work surprisingly well in Permadeath, when you just want to kill anything before it even got the possibility to hit you.


Frost Bolt

An AoE Freeze on enemies, which leaves them helpless for quite a while, ready to be picked off by your guys. This skill is the reason why you may want a Cryomancer in your lineup.

Sadly it comes with a significant cooldown and most likely your later Frost Bolts won’t find clustered targets again. On the plus side you have an extremely quick cast time, which allows you to win a lot of “who shoots first” duels.

Be aware there are several items which interact with frozen enemies. This might be an additional consideration for your strategy.

Damage: 10 + 1 INT

Freeze Duration: 3.5 + 0.01 * INT

AoE: 1.7 + 0.14 STR, caps at 3.5

Execution Time: 0.35 – 0.002 * AGI, caps at 0.15

Cooldown: 11 – 0.046 AGI, caps at 6

Icicle Shot

A medium damage ranged attack with comparably low range (5.5) It’s main purpose is its pushback. As an interesting side note, the damage is flagged as “Direct damage”, which means it can’t be blocked by any skill. Then again, the damage is nothing to write home about but it’s nice to know it isn’t in vain. Originally the skill has quite a long cooldown, so you will see your Cryomancer idle a lot.

Damage: 3.5 STR + 0.5 INT

Execution Time: 1 – 0.005 * AGI, caps at 0.5

Cooldown: 4 – 0.03 AGI, caps at 0.75

Effects by Attribute


  • 0.14 Frost Bolt AoE (caps at 13 STR, +106% improvement)
  • 3.5 Icicle Shot damage


  • -0.002 Frost Bolt execution time (caps at 100 AGI, +133% improvement)
  • -0.046 Frost Bolt cooldown (caps at 108 AGI, +83% improvement)
  • -0.005 Icicle Shot execution time (caps at 100 AGI, +100% improvement)
  • -0.03 Icicle Shot cooldown (caps at 156 AGI, +433% improvement)


  • 1 Frost Bolt damage
  • 0.01 Frost Bolt freeze duration
  • 0.5 Icicle Shot damage


There are gladiators, where you wish you would get 10 or 15 points per level up, because there are so many critical stats you need sooner than later. And then there is the Cryomancer.

Generally the Cryomancer should be the last character to get items and imho it isn’t worth leveling up its building, because you really don’t need those items nor the extra XP.

You need 13 STR, because you want that AoE asap. And then?

There is a minor decision here, which is centered around: Do you want one Frost Bolt, because this is your opener, and you don’t care about anything later. Or do you want multiple Frost Bolts for prolonged battles?

What you gain per point of INT is really underwhelming, but if all your care is your first Frostbolt, then this is probably still the best you can choose.

Due to the insanely long cooldown of Icicle Shot, it isn’t worth considering STR for the damage.

So this leaves you with AGI and the second route of multiple Frost Bolts. AGI allows you to quicker cast your next Frost Bolt / Icicle Shot and scales quite well. The question is just how useful those further casts will be. With the AGI build you also can’t skip Stamina entirely, but since you have abundant points, this won’t be an issue.

I personally chose the AGI build and was sufficiently satisfied, but this wasn’t a PermaDeath game, where I would most likely go for INT.

In the end, this means you can easily stat comfortably into Health and hope your Cryomancer acts as an arrow magnet, protecting squishier back line targets.


  • get 13 STR asap
  • you can put a good chunk in Health, as the value of your skill points is rather low now
  • dump everything else into AGI if you want multiple casts or into INT if your main concern is your alpha strike
  • if you go for AGI, you may need some Stamina
  • don’t level up the building or give the Cryomancer items unless everyone else in your party is fully kitted



The Marauder is a melee character who brings an extremely powerful knockdown to your party.

The Marauder can’t be hired from the regular Gladiator Market, but is available via a mid game quest. He belongs to the Tavern building, which you start with on default settings.

It is impossible to look at the Marauder without comparing him to the Knight.

The damage ends up a notch above the Knight, while his Shield Block is a tad weaker. But where he really shines is his knock down ability.

You can perma knock down any enemy (as long as you have stamina…) which can really solve those battle configurations where you face one overleveled enemy + some weaker ones.


Melee Attack

This skill is as spectacular as its name. Just hit the guy next to you with a sword hammer. Yeah, I copied this from the Knight. It is also very similar, with slightly reduced damage (6.5/AGI instead of 7), but since it has a lower cooldown, still some more DPS.

Damage: 6.5 AGI + 2 STR

Execution Time: 0.9 – 0.004 AGI, caps at 0.5

Cooldown: 0.8 – 0.04 INT, caps at 0.5

Shield Block

Yeah, again, like the Knight. If your forgot what the skill does and why it is really damn good read it up there! Just a bit weaker (6/STR instead of 7 and the Knight also gains from AGI)

Important to note: The Marauder needs significantly more INT to reach min block cooldown. But this won’t be such big of an issue as we will see later.

Damage blocked (M/R/A): 20 + 6 STR

Cooldown: 1 – 0.023 INT, caps at 0.15

Shield Bash

You hit a guy with your shield, he gets to sit in the sand for a while. This starts out as an absolute garbage skill, where you stun for 1 second every 14 seconds. Why am I making such a fuzz about it?

Because ~35 INT later you suddenly stun for 4 seconds. Every 4 seconds. “Sit down, I said! No, don’t get up, sit down again! Won’t you even try to do something else!”

Damage: 1 STR

Knockdown: 14 – 0.267 INT, caps at 4

Execution Time: 0.8 – 0.007 AGI, caps at 0.2

Cooldown: 14 – 0.267 INT, caps at 4

Effects by Attribute


  • 2 Melee Attack damage
  • 6 Shield Block damage blocked (M/R/A)
  • 1 Shield Bash damage


  • 6.5 Melee Attack damage
  • -0.002 Melee Attack execution time (caps at 100 AGI, +80% improvement)
  • -0.007 Shield Bash execution time (caps at 85 AGI, +300% improvement)


  • -0.008 Melee Attack cooldown (caps at 37 INT, +60% improvement)
  • -0.023 Shield Blockcooldown (caps at 37 INT + 566% improvement)
  • 0.1 Shield Block knockdown(caps at 30 INT + 300% improvement)
  • -0.267 Shield Bashcooldown (caps at 37 INT + 350% improvement)


This time I’ve spoiled everything already.

You get 37 INT. ASAP. Give him every INT item you can find. This is all that matters.

If you don’t have INT, the Marauder is just a worse Knight. Once you have the INT, he becomes a knock down machine and he is absolutely great at it.

And as if some game designer planned this, this also causes your Marauder to hit all other cool down caps for your Attack and Block.

But now, you have a decision to make. And this decision is mostly based around: Do you have someone else to tank for your marauder or not. (like… a Knight…)

If you are very sure your Marauder won’t get much punishment, you can stat him for damage, which means AGI. What is important to consider here: AGI means more attacks -> more Stamina spent -> you run quicker out of Stam -> this can interrupt your wonderful stun chain.

The alternative is everything into STR, so your Marauder becomes a Knight lite as a front tank. Keep this guy in front of you down, while shrugging off whatever comes at you. Though, this is not without downside either: Since usually you want a specific enemy to be stunned, you would prefer to face him 1on1, so you don’t accidentally bash the wrong guy… This kinda conflicts with the tank role, where you usually bind a number of opponents.

Or you are undecided and just stat something in between. Then again, this is all not what your bought the Marauder for. In the end it is important to make sure your Stamina never runs out and some movement speed (like about 25) also helps to quickly close any gap, so that lvl 40 leader of the enemy gang doesn’t do bad things before he eats sand.


  • 37 INT, asap (use items while you haven’t reached it!)
  • more Stamina than usual, because you really don’t want to run out it
  • about 25 Move Speed
  • some mix of STR and DEX, depending if you want more defense or offense
  • enough Health to survive, as usual (though STR helps a lot with that)

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