Girls Connect (2023) Replay Guide & Tier List


    Mobile Idle RPG Girls Connect is a gacha-style adventure game where you assemble a team of heroes to fight. Heroes come in four classes across five elements, and a strong hero pool is required to cover the wide variety of scenarios you’ll face, including PVP. You’ll find yourself pulling in a lot of heroes through the summoning system, even in the first hour of play. So we’ve put together this Girls Connect tier list and replay guide to help you get started.

    Girls Connect Replay Guide

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    At the beginning of the game log in as a guest and do not tie your account. You will be given two heroes and you will go through a series of set battles that only last a few minutes. You will then be taken to the town screen where you will click on the summon tower and get a free summon (Ketty). Upgrade Ketty to level 20 and ascend, then return to the campaign until he has completed level 2.5, which will allow you to upgrade to Rookie Knight III (above). You can now return to the summoning tower and claim a Advanced summon x10. this should give you your first UR hero.

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    If you don’t like the heroes you get in your first draw of 10, you can reroll. However, we do not recommend it. It is highly unlikely that you will get a high level hero at this stage, so you better accept your fate and work to get better heroes as you play the game and use gift codes to advance. However, if you want to roll again, this is the process:

    1. In Settings on your mobile device, select Application Settings.
    2. Search and select girls hook up.
    3. Select Storage and cache.
    4. Clear all storage and cache data.

    As long as you are logged in as a guest and have not linked your account, you can now return to the tutorial process.

    Girls Connect Tier List

    The heroes you look for in Girls Connect are the UR heroes. Most of the heroes you’ll get in Girls Connect will appear as SSR, SR, or R. RSS and RS heroes should only level up if you don’t have enough UR heroes to make a squad of five heroes. If not, they should be used to level up your other heroes. For R heroes, see the end of this guide. once you have a selection of UR heroescheck out our tier list below:

    SS Rank Heroes

    The best heroes in Girls Connect. If you can get them, focus on leveling them up first. Don’t expect to get a lot of Light and Dark heroes early on, as you’ll develop them as you play.

    • epsilon (Light, Wizard)
    • tsubasa (Dark warrior)
    • pure (Light, Warrior)
    • Setsu (Light, Wizard)
    • nia (Light, Warrior)
    • Directs Leia-Mia (Dark, Support)
    • dante (Dark assassin)
    • nicole (Dark assassin)
    • cadley (Dark wizard)
    • Spectrum (Dark warrior)

    S Rank Heroes

    In the same league as the previous S-Rank heroes, depending on your team’s situation and setup.

    • leia-mia (Light, Support)
    • utega (Wind, Wizard)
    • rhine (Water, Warrior)
    • siyi (Light, Wizard)
    • dawn (Light, Support)
    • Cottonwood (Light, Support)
    • sigurdley (Light, Warrior)
    • nidhogg (Dark wizard)
    • lips (Fire Wizard)

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    Rank A Heroes

    Great heroes, but the heroes above can get better the more you play.

    • Leviathan (Water, Warrior)
    • Hera (Water, Wizard)
    • And one (Water, Support)
    • Lorelei (Fire, Support)
    • misty (Fire, Warrior)
    • gasoline (Fire, Support)
    • Sherra (Wind, Warrior)
    • Arabel (Wind, Wizard)
    • Daisy flower (Wind, Wizard)
    • Niord (Water, Wizard)

    Rank B Heroes

    They can all be replaced over time, but are preferable to the heroes below early in the game if you’re short on options.

    • silasia (Water, Warrior)
    • mirenne (Water, Wizard)
    • gulvig (Fire Wizard)
    • LAN (Water, Killer)
    • Alicia (fire, killer)
    • Y. Kuznoha Rengetsu (Fire Wizard)
    • Donley (Wind, Warrior)
    • speed (Wind, Support)
    • snow ruler (Water, Wizard)
    • icy star (Water, Support)
    • Look (Wind, Wizard)

    D rank heroes

    You should be able to quickly find heroes to replace them, unless they completely suit your playstyle or particular individual battle situation.

    • M. Kuzunoha (Fire Wizard)
    • Chloe (fire, killer)
    • bradley (Dark warrior)
    • taught (Wind, Support)
    • Bahamut (Fire, Warrior)
    • rengetsu (fire, killer)
    • Bonaire (Wind, Warrior)

    How to use Tier R heroes

    These are very poor quality heroes that you can also trade right away (you can do this by clicking on the Automatically discard R heroes option on the Invoke menu).

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