Weekly Shōnen Jump lately added a brand new title to its lineup, Ginka & Glüna. The story’s eponymous leads are two {powerful} magicians, a snowman and his witch apprentice. They’re presently on a quest to search out the items of Ginka’s authentic physique and restore it.

This seems like a neat story, nevertheless it additionally sounds rather a lot like Inuyasha’s preliminary premise. That collection had its eponymous protagonist and Kagome journey throughout Japan in the hunt for the Shikon Jewel shards. If Ginka & Glüna continues to resemble Inuyasha, then it might give a basic thought of the place the story goes.

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To begin, this is how the search in Ginka & Glüna is meant to go. A very long time in the past, Ginka was a strong magician, however his physique was stolen, and he was compelled to stay out the remainder of his days as a snowman. While dwelling within the mountains, he meets Glüna and trains her to be a strong magician in her personal proper. She makes use of her magic to assist Ginka survive in heat climates and so they start their quest to revive Ginka’s physique.

It’s revealed in Chapter 2, “Dragon Slaying,” that Ginka’s physique has been divided up into many items. These items are embedded into magical creatures like dragons and giving them immense energy. If Ginka desires his complete physique again, then he and Glüna will in all probability need to combat many monsters and different {powerful} enemies to retrieve them.

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The same quest drives the primary solid of Inuyasha to go on their adventures. The collection begins with the Shikon Jewel being shattered and scattered throughout Feudal Era Japan. Many of them are embedded in malevolent Yōkai and grant them immense energy. It’s as much as the primary solid to gather the shards earlier than Naraku can reassemble the Jewel for himself and procure final energy.

Assuming Ginka & Glüna seems much more like Inuyasha, a number of issues may be anticipated from the story going ahead. Naturally, the 2 leads must battle many {powerful} enemies to regain particular person physique components; this might imply magical creatures like dragons, nevertheless it may also imply evil magicians trying to capitalize on Ginka’s energy. They can also run into those that need to use Ginka’s energy for good, which might result in an ethical conundrum concerning whether or not they need to take the piece again. They’ll additionally in all probability make just a few buddies who will be part of them on their journey and assist with the more and more troublesome challenges. It may prove that Ginka and the magician who stole his physique are associated, perhaps even by blood. There are loads of potential plot threads that would flip into one thing straight out of Inuyasha.

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Another potential mind-set about all of that is the way it may really be following fashionable Shōnen Jump developments. Collecting physique components of a once-powerful being sounds rather a lot like Chainsaw Man’s Gun Devil or Jujutsu Kaisen’s Sukuna. His moments of deep contemplation and his unmoving expression are additionally harking back to Korosensei from Assassination Classroom. If Ginka & Glüna finally ends up extra like considered one of these collection, then it might take a darkish flip and reveal that Ginka is the last word villain of the collection. Considering the pretty gentle tone of the primary two chapters, this hopefully will not occur.

In any case, Ginka & Glüna guarantees to be an entertaining learn in its personal proper. The characters, motion, world-building, and sense of marvel are all top-notch. As lengthy because it would not borrow too a lot from Inuyasha and different collection, it has the potential to be a contemporary traditional.

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