Giannis Antetokounmpo Skin Coming to Fortnite’s Basketball player



    This weekend we can expect the appearance of the famous basketball player Giannis Antetokounmpo in the item store. This costume is going to fit into the Star Series and has many styles. The clothes and accessories will appear in the game on Sunday, the 25th of December.

    The outfit of the famous basketball player is presented in four different styles and if you get 100 units of the shield, the color of the outfit will change.

    The skin comes with a forward-strength design that varies from place to place. Separatively, you can buy the Winged Axes pickaxe, the Victory Flight hang glider, and the Ankara Pattern wrap. And with Victory Wings and a hang glider used simultaneously, the latter will become decorations on the back. Some items can be purchased individually or as a set. This includes the Yoruba Mask graffiti.

    One can buy the lilac of the Invincible Giannis in person with the help of a gladiator. His eyes literally burn, and that is why he’s ready to defeat enemies by bare hands. Don’t forget that Giannis is still a basketball player; his hands should be protected. You can buy a medallion handbag and a Diamond Spear pickaxe. All items can be purchased individually or in a bundle that also includes the Warm up emote.



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