Ghost Hunters Corp Voice Commands

Here are the voice commands in English, directly taken from the game files.

Voice Commands

The voice commands can be edited in notepad, but remember to back-up the original.

File location: *\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Ghost Hunters Corp\vocal\English.json

“speak_ghost” :[“spirit”,”ghost”,”demon”,”you”,”man”,”woman”,”children”,”adult”,”child”],

“speak_hello” :[“hello”,”i’m friendly”,”i come in peace”,”i’m a friend”,”i’m here as a friend”],

“speak_bad” :[“i’m here to exorcise you”,”i’ve come to exorcise you”,”i’m scared”,”attack me”,”kill me”,”God”,”Lord”,”f*ck you”,”oh sh!t”, “update”, “when is release”],

“speak_move” :[“can you come here”,”come here”,”come to me”],

“speak_object”:[“can you move something”,”move something”,”move an object”],

“speak_door” :[“can you open a door”,”open a door”,”can you close a door”,”close a door”],

“speak_light” :[“can you turn on the light”,”turn on the light”,”can you turn off the light”,”turn off the light”],

“speak_write” :[“can you write in the book”,”write in the book”,”can you draw in the book”,”draw a picture”,”write something”],

“speak_noise” :[“give us a sign”,”give me a sign”,”make a noise”,”can you make a noise”,”where are you”],

“speak_speak” :[“can you talk”,”can you hear me”,”are you there”,”say something”,”can you speak to me”],

“speak_view” :[“can you show yourself”,”show yourself”,”manifest”]

Cleaned up

Title the Ghost:

  • Spirit
  • Ghost
  • Demon
  • You
  • Man
  • Woman
  • Children
  • Adult
  • Child

Greet the ghost:

  • Hello
  • I’m friendly
  • I come in peace
  • I’m a friend
  • I’m here as a friend

Make it mad:

  • I’m here to exorcise you
  • I’ve come to exorcise you
  • I’m scared
  • Attack me
  • Kill me
  • God
  • Lord
  • F*ck you
  • Oh sh!t
  • Update
  • When is release

Ask the ghost over:

  • Can you come here
  • Come here
  • Come to me

Ask to move object:

  • Can you move something
  • Move something
  • Move an object

Ask to open/close doors:

  • Can you open a door
  • Open a door
  • Can you close a door
  • Close a door

Ask to turn on/off light:

  • Can you turn on the light
  • Turn on the light
  • Can you turn off the light
  • Turn off the light

Ask to write/draw in the book:

  • Can you write in the book
  • Write in the book
  • Can you draw in the book
  • Draw a picture
  • Write something

Ask the ghost to talk:

  • Give us a sign
  • Give me a sign
  • Make a noise
  • Can you make a noise
  • Where are you

Ask to speak in radio or on site:

  • Can you talk
  • Can you hear me
  • Are you there
  • Say something
  • Can you speak to me

Make the ghost show up:

  • Can you show yourself
  • Show yourself
  • Manifest

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