Get To The Orange Door - How To Get 10k Kills

The easiest way to get cheese 10k kills achievement with a couple of steps, and very minimal effort. This includes both a way to get it quickly by being active, or even afk however it’ll take longer.

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How to do it

Keep in mind, this will take a long while to actually achieve and will take I’d say with this method, 3-4 hours if you’re playing it actively while going afk can be potentially longer. You’ll get the achievement around threat level 165 – 180.

I highly recommend you get yourself a couple BABE weapons, something automatic and with a high mag capacity such as the LMG (Thunderlust when BABE’d) or the Burst Cannon (Morningstar when BABE’d). As well as this, maybe a couple of lives like 3 or 4. Maybe some shrines to help you as well such as Half Heart Empty or Violent Tendencies, also don’t activate the shrine before doing this.

Now onto how to actually do it:

1. Get to the level Stone Isle (If you don’t know it, it’s the one where the upgrade station summons the kamikaze’s)

2. Clear the level of most of the enemies.

3. Choose a good spot to clear the enemies, I’d say around here with this sorta disc infront.

Get To The Orange Door - How To Get 10k Kills

4. Activate the three battle stones and make sure not to kill the seeker nests

Get To The Orange Door - How To Get 10k Kills
Get To The Orange Door - How To Get 10k Kills
Get To The Orange Door - How To Get 10k Kills

5. Now you got two ways to continue this, I recommend just playing through this and gunning down all the seekers with your weapon, if done well you could probably get around 50 threat in about an hour. Here’s a video of me getting the achievement.

However continue to the next step if you’re planning on afk farming.

6. This can be a little risky since some enemies might still spawn. However you can actually stand still and once a seeker hits you, it counts as you killing them. If you have Heart Half Empty, Potency and Violent Tendencies from the shrine, you can actually stand still and not take any damage from them while at max combo, and the combo will continue to remain up. So this allows you to gain kills while being afk. This will generally take a bit longer than actively playing but it’s also allowing you to afk farm, I’d say go for it after a while in your run as then you’d have all the necessary things to afk farm.

(Thank you for Sky and Gaming in the GTTOD discord for the knowledge.)


Now this was the easiest way to get the achievement imo, normally it takes around 10 hours of just playing the game properly, but what kind of nerd has that much time. Now once you got it, idk flex it on the discord, maybe actually do something with your life.

Also if you came from the official GTTOD discord, don’t yell at me for making this (looking at you Sky).

Also if you’re still reading, don’t tell Andrew about this, I don’t want to be flayed alive for telling you all this.

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