Genshin Impact Were It So Easy Hidden Quest guide – Collect Strange Parts


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    Were It So Easy is a Genshin Impact Hidden World Quest that involves helping a Melusine named Cosanzeana bloom flowers in her garden. This is a two-part objective that will also reward you with a Strange Part to use toward the A Gradient of Dreams and Ocre World Quest.

    How to unlock the Were It So Easy Hidden Quest in Genshin Impact (Strange Part)

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    To unlock the Were It So Easy World Quest, you first need to complete a Hidden Objective that will reward you with a Strange Part. You need to find an NPC named Cosanzeana. I recommend heading to the Teleport Waypoint south of “A Very Warm Place,” and then entering the small tunnel to its right.

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    Follow the path forward. When the path forks, enter the tunnel to the left to find a Melusine named Cosanzeana. Her exact location is circled in the image above. Speak to Cosanzeana and select any dialogue option. When she asks you about flowers, choose any flower for your first response. But for your second response, choose (I think that’ll do for now.)

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    After that, you can choose to give her either a Windwheel Aster, Silk Flower, Naku Weed, or Sumeru Rose. However, make sure to have at least four of your chosen flower in your inventory, as you really need to give them to Cosanzeana.

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    After the dialogue ends, apply Hydro onto the flowers to trigger dialogue with Cosanzeana. You will be rewarded with a Strange Part and will complete the Hidden Objective required to unlock the follow-up World Quest.

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    How to complete the Were It So Easy World Quest in Genshin Impact

    After completing the prerequisite above, you must do the following:

    • Teleport away—preferably somewhere outside the vicinity of Merusea Village.
    • Change the in-game time to one day later or more.

    If you don’t do these, Cosanzeana won’t give you the Were It So Easy quest. When you finish the above, you can proceed with going to Merusea Village.

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    Teleport to Merusea Village to find Cosanzeana just up ahead, with a blue exclamation mark above her. Speak with her to initiate the Were It So Easy Hidden Quest.

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    Next, return to the flower garden where you first met Cosanzeana. You will find a Breacher Primus nearby. Defeat the Breacher Primus to trigger dialogue.

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    Glowing investigate spots will appear. You only need to interact with the glowing spot behind Cosanzeana to prompt a Gardemek enemy to appear. Defeat the Gardemek to trigger dialogue and complete the Hidden Quest.

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