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    Fontaine is never short of strange world quests, including Villains, which involve a group of Treasure Hoarders calling themselves Fruit Operatives and a girl named Blanche. You must help her find her brother by listening to the orders of the Cabin and the Crucible.

    How to unlock the villain world quest in Genshin Impact

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    To unlock Villains World Quest, head to the exact location circled in the image above, in the Kinetic Energy Engineering Region of the Fontaine Research Institute. A blue exclamation point will appear as you approach the area. Approach the girl and the Treasure Hoarders to start the World Quest.

    How to complete the villain world quest in Genshin Impact

    After starting World Quest, follow the navigator to the nearby house, where white Is waiting for you. Talk to her to continue.

    Find where the suspicious voice is coming from

    You must look for the source of the strange sound. Start with interacting with three bright dots around the house. One is in front of the tree on the right, while the other two are behind the house. You will not find any clues, but doing so is still mandatory to continue with the mission.

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    After investigating the three bright spots, return to the front of the house and Knock the door to interact with the source of the strange voice.

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    Pass the cockpit test

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    In this segment, a Hydro mech will float around the area. Your goal is to continuously apply Hydro to the mechanism so that it lights up. You can use any character with continuous Hydro application, such as Kokomi, Mona and other similar characters. But I recommend using Barbara’s Elemental Skillso standing next to the mechanism to quickly complete the objective.

    Once this is done, talk to the Cabin of Intense Purity to continue.

    Find pure pineapples

    Next, the Cabin of Intense Purity will instruct you to search for Pure Pineapples. You can find three in the surrounding area. Check the minimap in the images above to find the exact locations:

    1. Next to the tree to the left of the house.
    2. Next to the tree by the pond
    3. Next to the tree in front of the house

    Once you have collected all three, talk to white to start the dialogue between her and the Treasure Hoarder. Talk to the cabin to proceed.

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    Place the pure pine cones on top of the melting pot.

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    Go behind the house to find a giant wooden container, the Crucible. Use the ladder to climb to the top, then interact with the bright spot where the arrow points in the image above. Doing so will activate dialogue with the Crucible of Intense Purity. Next, interact with the bright spot nearby to get the container.

    Drink the potion and go to the world of Intense Purity.

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    Next, you will be asked to drink the Crucible potion. Go to the Mission item section of your inventory, then look for the “Key”, which looks like a potion with white liquid, as shown in the image above. Click Wear to complete the objective. Once this is done, climb the ladder to the top of the Crucible, then interact with it to enter the world of Intense Purity.

    From here on out, the rest of World Quest is pretty straightforward. After the dialogue, defeat “Tricky Bulle Fruit”, then head towards the pond and defeat all of Hydro’s enemies. Interact with the flowers. in the center of the pond, then talk to Blanche in front of the tree to the left of the house.

    After the dialogue with the Treasure Hoarders, defeat “Ruthless Calla Lily” and finish the conversation with the brothers to complete the World Quest. You will get the Wonders of the World achievement called The four blows.

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