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    Genshin Impact Sapientia Oromasdis Chapter Act I: Lingering Warmth is Nahida’s first Story Quest, featuring a pop-up event called A Moment of Dreams, where the residents of Sumeru share the mundane things they dream of. In the second segment called Dream About FallingYou and Nahida enter the depths of sleep, a Domain created by a desperate scholar named Moseis.

    How to unlock Nahida’ Story Quest in Genshin Impact

    To unlock Act I of Sapientia Oromasdis Chapter: Persistent Heat, you must first complete Archon Quest Chapter III: Act V – Akasha Pulses, Kalpa Flame Rises. Once this is done, head over to the search menu, then click on story missions at the bottom left of the screen. you must spend a story key to unlock the Nahida Chapter.

    How to Complete Mastery of Dreams in Nahida’s Story Quest – Genshin Impact

    Unlike previous Story Quests, Nahida’s does not involve manually entering a Domain. Instead, the quest will naturally teleport you into a dream, which works similar to a Domain limited per quest. We highly recommend following the steps below to ensure you loot all the chests, as you won’t be able to return if you missed any.

    Enter the depths of sleep

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    Once you are teleported to the Dream Domain, interact with the flower so that a bridge and a stream of wind appear. Cross the bridge and hop on the wind current to propel yourself up, then glide over to the giant flower to find some enemy mushrooms. defeat the enemies to activate another nearby flower.

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    Interact with the flower. to make the bridges appear. Cross the bridges until you reach the cave where the arrow in the image above is pointing. Inside, you will find a portal. Go inside and wait until you are teleported to an illusion of Cafe Puspa.

    Look for clues in the cafeteria.

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    In this segment, Nahida will join your team as character #5. You need to use her Elemental Skill to look inside the NPC’s mind. press and hold Nahida’s Elemental Skill, prop up should have, then release it to continue the story dialogue. Once you’re done, enter the portal again to deepen the dream.

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    Go deeper into the dream

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    There will be two plants in front of you. Reciprocity with the skinny one on the right to pick up the orange bone, then Getting closer the plant on the left to transfer the stone to it. As before, a bridge will appear. Follow the path, then jump over the Bouncy Mushroom to find a clearing with a giant pink plant.

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    Approach the plant so that a horde of mushrooms appears. defeat the enemies to make a portal appear. Enter the portal and wait until you are in a similar looking clearing, where you will find a exquisite chest to loot.

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    Some Rifthounds will spawn as you get closer to the chest. defeat the enemies to prompt a portal to spawn. Enter the portal to reveal another similar looking clearing. This time, the pink plant will disappear, revealing a plant with an orange bone.

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    Reciprocity with the plant with an orange stone to pick it up. Ignore the portal. Instead, look ahead to find a blocked path with a plant in front of it. Glide into the area and come to the plant to transfer the orange stone, which will also unlock the path. Inside, you will find a portal that you must enter to be transported to Ilman’s dream.

    Look for clues near the cliff.

    In this segment, you only have to talk to Ilman and his family. Once you’re done, a portal will appear. Enter it to get deeper into the dream.

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    reach the deepest sleep

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    Get on the turntable and interact with it to Begin. It will move up towards the giant flower on the horizon. When the moving platform comes to a stop, go up to the Flower Petal Glade to find a Bathysmal Vishap guarding an Exquisite Chest. defeat the enemy to unlock the Chest and loot it. A portal will appear.

    Enter the portal to find yourself in a clearing filled with Hilichurls. defeat the enemies to generate another portal, but Do not enter yet.

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    first you must Reciprocity with the nearby plant to collect the orange bone. Once this is done, you can enter the portal to head to the next area.

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    In this part, you should move quickly as the water level will rise rapidly. Immediately scroll down to find another plant that has an orange bone. Reciprocity with him to pick up the stone. At this point, you should have two orange stones floating around you.

    Then follow the quest marker and either run or swim to the blocked path, shown above. Getting closer the two lower floors to transfer the orange bones to them. The path will unlock, revealing another portal. Enter the portal to proceed to the final area, which looks like the city of Sumeru.

    Look for clues in the city.

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    In this segment, you have to control a test Nahida and use her elemental ability to scrutinize the minds of NPCs. Your target NPC is Moses, who is standing in front of the fountain with Emira. press and hold Nahida’s Elemental Skill, prop up Mosesthen release it to continue with a very long story dialogue.

    Defeat the attacking monsters.

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    An army of monsters will appear in the dream. Simply defeat them all to proceed. After a short scene and dialogue, an aggressive Rifthound will appear. Be careful because he is quite strong! Defeat him to complete the Domain of Dreams. You will be teleported back to the real city of Sumeru, where you can complete the rest of the Story Quest.

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