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    Echoes of an Ancient World is a Genshin Impact World Quest that you can accept in Merusea Village. In this quest, you must help the Melusines play an ancient music score using the giant conch underwater.

    The underwater navigation is a little tricky, so follow this guide from start to end to help you out. Completing this World Quest will reward you with a Hidden Achievement and a Strange Part, which you can use to exchange for rewards.

    How to unlock the Echoes of the Ancient World Quest in Genshin Impact

    You must first complete the entire Ancient Colors quest chain in this exact order:

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    After completing the prerequisites above, head to the exact location circled above to find Verenata. The blue exclamation mark will only appear when you’re nearby, so don’t worry if you don’t see it right away. Speak to Verenata to initiate Echoes of an Ancient World.

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    How to complete the Echoes of the Ancient World Quest in Genshin Impact

    Look for Carabosse

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    After accepting the quest from Verenata, head to “A Very Bright Place” and dive underwater. Keep swimming southward until you reach the purple cave, where the arrow is pointing above. Enter the cave to speak to the little Melusine named Carabosse.

    Go to the sealed cave

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    After speaking to Carabosse, stay within the same area and turn right to find a current. Enter the current to force the water to propel you forward, which will make it faster to get to your destination.

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    When the current stops, swim forward until you find a “portal,” as pictured above. Enter it to propel your character further inward, and you’ll eventually land in the underwater section of Merusea Village.

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    As soon as you regain control of your character, look to your left to find a cave (where the arrow is pointing above). Swim toward it to trigger dialogue with the Melusines, pushing the story forward.

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    Look for a way to break the seal

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    In this segment, you need to solve a small puzzle. Use a Normal Attack to hit the three blue crystals in any order. They will glow orange after getting hit. When all three are orange, you the seal blocking the cave will disperse, and dialogue with the Melusines will trigger.

    Find the lost score

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    Now that the sealed cave has been unlocked, swim inside to find a current. Enter the current to propel your character toward the area where you must search for the lost score.

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    When the current stops, you’ll reach an area with enemies up ahead. You can ignore the enemies as defeating them doesn’t count toward this quest. But you need to absorb the Xenochromatic Armored Crab’s Ability before proceeding.

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    Swim in the opposite direction, toward the northeast section of the highlighted area of the mini-map (pictured above). First, interact with the glowing spot to obtain a Quest Item called the Melody of Vesta, which is the music score Topyas had asked you to look for. Then, use the Xenochromatic Armored Crab’s Ability (Elemental Skill button) to break the boulder blocking the path.

    Get back ashore

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    After breaking the boulder, a path forward will open. Swim forward to spot an Exquisite Chest, which you can loot for rewards. Then, swim upward to ascend from the water and continue swimming to the shore. Dialogue with the Melusines will trigger.

    Talk to Katheryne & Talk to Topyas

    Head to the Fontaine Adventurer’s Guild and talk to Katheryne. You’ll eventually meet a musician named Tailleferre, who will teach you how to read the Melody of Vesta.

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    Next, you need to speak to Topyas. There are a few ways you can get to her, but I recommend heading there through the small pool pictured above. Dive to reach the underwater version of Merusea Village, then swim forward until you reach Topyas. Dialogue with her will automatically trigger.

    Place the token

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    You’ll be teleported to the location of the giant Conch Harp. Swim toward the topmost part of the Conch to find a glowing spot. Interact with it to place Topyas’ token. If the next objective doesn’t trigger, use a Normal Attack on the same area.

    Use the Xenochromatic Armored Crab’s ability to unleash shockwaves at the Conch Harp

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    A few Xenochromatic Armored Crabs will float around the area. Absorb their ability, which can be used to deal heavy damage to the Conch Harp for it to release shockwaves.

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    You need to use the Xenochromatic Armored Crab’s ability (Elemental Skill button) on the Conch Harp, targeting the exact spot the arrow is pointing to above. Otherwise, the quest won’t push forward.

    Clear out the creatures dwelling within the Conch Harp

    After attacking the Conch Harp in the exact spot above, three waves of Armored Crabs will spawn in the Conch’s opening. Defeat all three waves of enemies to trigger dialogue with Topyas. I recommend using the Xenochromatic Armored Crab’s ability (Elemental Skill button) to defeat the enemies as it can deal significant damage against them.

    Doing so will complete the World Quest. You’ll be rewarded with a Strange Part on top of the usual Primogem rewards. You’ll also unlock the Wonders of the World Achievement called “Song of the Ancients.”

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