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    The Genshin Impact Fulminating Sandstorm event runs from April, the 21st, 2023, to May 1, 2023, introducing players to the legendary Wenutslayer Cannon, which will be used to control the growing population of Wenuts. The event involves multiple challenge-tied quests, each with a different set of objectives.

    After completing Proposal and Collection and Introduction and Test, you will unlock the third mission in the series, The Culling of the Worms: Body. It involves completing the third Fulminating Sandstorm, Body & Demonstration challenge.

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    After completing the previous mission, fast forward the in-game time from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. the following day. Then, head to the search area to the west of the Sumeru desert, where you will meet Vinayak and Shriya once more. This time, they need your help to operate the Wenutslayer cannon.

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    This challenge is similar to the first in that it involves collecting the Divine Blessing buff and defeating two waves of opponents in three rounds. Like before, Nuts will occasionally appear off the ground, which can knock you down and drain your HP.

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    In addition, this challenge also requires that protect charging device (similar to Ley Line Monolith Protection Commissions). Keep an eye on the HP bar above the charging device and make sure it doesn’t run out!

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    Once all the enemies have been destroyed, you will be prompted to lure the Wenut into attacking the rocks. Pay attention to glowing rocks in the area, like the one above. These are the only rocks that can be destroyed.

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    You need stand near the glowing rocks and wait for green indicator to appear on the ground. The Wenut will hit where the green indicator lands. It will keep following you, so make sure you get out of the way before they hit you.

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    Destroying the glowing rocks will reveal Elemental Energy. Pick them up to charge the charging device. Your goal is to keep repeating this pattern (defeat enemies while guarding the charge device, destroy glowing rocks, and collect elemental energy) until the gauge at the bottom is full.

    Once the gauge is full, interact with the Wenutslayer Canyon to shoot the Wenut, completing the challenge. After talking with the investigators, she doesn’t forget to claim the rewards from him in the event details. You will also unlock the next mission and challenge in the event.

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