Genshin Impact Akitsu Kimodameshi Event Guide


    Genshin Impact’s Akitsu Kimodameshi event is taking place from December 15, 2022, to January 2, 2023, and introduces a new brick-busting game mode. You and Paimon head to the Yashiro Commission to sign up for the Test of Valor, where a turn of events entangles you in an investigation into alleged ghost activities.

    How to unlock the Akitsu Kimodameshi event in Genshin Impact

    To unlock the event, you must meet the following prerequisites:

    • You have reached Adventure Rank 30 or higher.
    • Complete the “Ritou’s Escape Plan” section of Archon Quest Chapter II: Act I – The Immovable God and Eternal Euthymia
    • Optional: Complete Arataki Itto’s story mission, Taurus Iracundus Chapter: Act I – Rise Up, Golden Soul

    If you haven’t completed Itto’s Story Quest, you can start the event using the Quick start button in the event menu. Otherwise, you will unlock the event quest called Test of Courage. Complete it to unlock Akitsu Yuugei, which will allow you to play the Leisurely Pastime minigame.

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    How to play Akitsu Yuugei in the Akitsu Kimodameshi event – ​​Genshin Impact

    Akitsu Yuugei is a brick breaking ball game. Your active character controls a bar that acts like a wall that an elemental ball can bounce off of. Switching items can help trigger elemental reactions, making it easier to break bricks at the opposite end of the field.

    party setup

    =Image from MyFullGames

    The image on the left shows what the bricks will look like, giving you an idea of ​​the elemental reactions you can create to break them. For Playful Leisure, some items will be banned, so the pool of characters you can choose from is limited. There are no limits to Unending Refinement and Shatterdark.

    You can only deploy characters you own, but you don’t have to think about skills as there are no combat involved. We recommend bringing one character from each allowed elementexcept for Anemo or Geo, since they are not applicable in this minigame.


    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    You can then choose a series of modifiers, which are buffs that will help you through the minigame. Again, there are limits you can choose from in Playful Leisure, but they’re all available in Unending Refinement and Shatterdark.

    We strongly recommend implementing the relative expansion Modifier when possible, as it will extend the length of the bar every time you switch characters, making it a bit easier to not lose balls.

    how to play

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    The game mechanics are quite simple. At the beginning of the game, you can drop a ball by clicking on the attack button. there may be up to three balls at the same time, two of which will spawn based on your modifiers and combos.

    Your character will control a bar, which change items depending on your active character. For example, changing to an Electro character will make the bar Electro, changing to a Hydro character will make the bar Hydro, and so on.

    your goal is keep bouncing the ball running towards his path. If you fail to get the ball out, it will disappear. When the ball touches your Elemental bar, assume the same element. And when an elemental ball is served towards the elemental bricks, reactions can occur, making it easier to break them.

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    In addition, reactions can also occur between the bar and the ball. For example, if a Hydro ball comes into contact with a Cryo rod (or vice versa), the ball will freeze, allowing you to manually remove the ball from any position you like.

    Once you’ve run out of balls, you can use the attack button to draw another one. This is called a reserve ball. You can only use 10 of these in the Unending Refinement and Shatterdark game modes.

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    How to play Leisurely Pastime in the Akitsu Kimodameshi event – Genshin Impact

    Image from MyFullGames

    After completing the Test of Courage event quest, you will unlock the next quest called Akitsu Yuugei. It will lead you towards a sign on the east coast of the Chinju Forest, essentially unlocking the Leisurely Pastime minigame. There are two variations for each stage, and you must complete both to get all the rewards:

    • playful leisure
      • Group and modifier restrictions
      • Unlimited Reserve Balls
      • Break all the bricks within the time limit (10:00)
    • endless refinement
      • No group and modifier restrictions
      • Max 10 reserve balls
      • Break as many bricks as you can in 2:30

    How to play Shatterdark in the Akitsu Kimodameshi event – ​​Genshin Impact

    Image from MyFullGames

    You need Complete the Men-Mayhem stage in Leisurely Pastime to unlock a quest called Dreamlike. It will present you with an Event Domain near the Leisurely Pastime sign, where you can play Shatterdark. Enter the Domain, then interact with the sign inside to get started.

    Image from MyFullGames

    Shatterbreak is slightly different, as your goal is to defeat the Boss Brick, who will always try to hide behind the bricks. The bricks will keep replenishing until the boss is defeated, so he tries to target it with your services.

    • break
      • No group and modifier restrictions
      • Max 10 reserve balls
      • Defeat the Boss Brick within the time limit (10:00)

    How to claim rewards in the Akitsu Kimodameshi event – ​​Genshin Impact

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Head to the event menu and select Hobby or Jigsaw to claim rewards for all the stages you’ve cleared. Also, the limited event currency called test of courage ticket can be used to purchase items in the event store. Consider purchasing the limited items first, as they are difficult (or impossible) to obtain outside of the event:

    • crown of insight
    • Parasol Talcum (Used to refine the limited event weapon, Toukabou Shigure)

    Check out our guide on how to find opponents in the Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG here on MyFullGames to keep yourself busy while you wait for the rest of the Akitsu Kimodameshi to unlock.


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