Genshin Impact A Gradient of Dreams and Ochre World Quest guide – Ancient Colors Act II


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    A Gradient of Dreams and Ochre – There Will Come Soft Rains is the second World Quest in the Ancient Colors quest chain. It automatically unlocks after completing Ancient Colors: Act I – A Brush of Seafoam and Crimson. In this chapter, you must help Mamere repair her robot dog, Seymour, and learn more about her hallucinations of “Father.”

    How to complete There Will Come Soft Rains – A Gradient of Dreams and Ochre World Quest

    Before starting this World Quest, make sure to prepare a strong battle-ready team as you will have to fight a lot of Rifthounds (mainly Electro ones, so preferably use a non-Electro DPS).

    Collect Strange Parts

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    Upon starting the World Quest, Mamere will ask you to search for four Strange Parts. Follow the quest navigator and speak to Serene to get one Strange Part. You can get the other three by helping other Melusines around the Village. Complete the following quests to get Strange Parts:

    Once you’ve collected all four Strange Parts, speak to Mamere, who’s standing in front of her house. You’ll get the Wonders of the World Achievement called “Nothing but a Hound Dog…”

    Head to the designated location

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    Head to the Teleport Waypoint south of “A Very Warm Place,” then enter the tunnel to its right. From there, follow the quest navigator forward, until you reach a large clearing.

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    Once you reach the clearing, don’t forget to unlock the Teleport Waypoint for easy navigation later on. Then, approach the glowing spot to trigger Rifthounds to appear. Defeat the Rifthounds to proceed with the quest.

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    Find the hiding Melusine nearby & Cut the Seagrass

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    The Melusine is hidden underwater. Head to the edge of the cliff and jump into the water, then dive to trigger dialogue with the Melusines. After that, you’ll be asked to cut the Seagrass to free another Melusine trapped inside.

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    Absorb the Xenochromatic Hunter Ray’s ability and proceed with cutting the Seagrass. If you’re having trouble targeting the moving green orbs, I recommend getting as close to them as possible for a more accurate aim. Once the Melusine is free, complete the dialogue to push the story forward.

    Head to the designated location

    Use the quest navigator as a guideline so you don’t get lost. Start by swimming toward the purple cave. Once inside, turn right to find a current. Enter the current to let the water sweep you away. Don’t use directional keys as your character will automatically move to the direction of the current.

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    When the current stops, keep swimming forward until you find an underwater “portal,” where the arrow is pointing above. Enter it to propel your character toward the designated place, which is the underwater version of Merusea Village. Approach the glowing spot to trigger dialogue.

    Return to Merusea Village

    For this objective, you would typically have to swim to the surface, but I suggest using a simpler path. Teleport to Merusea Village, then walk toward the direction of the quest navigator. When you get close to the water, no need to swim: the objective will automatically complete.

    Head to the designated location through the shortcut

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    For this segment, head to the Merusea Village Teleport Waypoint once again. When you get there, turn back to find that a pink portal has spawned. Enter the portal to go to “A Lonely Place.” As soon as you arrive, Rifthounds will spawn. Defeat the enemies to complete the objective.

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    Use Prismatic Resonance to investigate the ore

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    Like the previous World Quest, use a Normal Attack to hit the Prism (glowing red crystal) in the direction of the target (ore). The released blade needs to hit the stone-covered ore to make it disappear. Doing so will free the Melusine trapped inside.

    Defeat the Rifthounds

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    After freeing the Melusine, dialogue will trigger. You’ll eventually meet up with the Eremites who were accompanying Jakob, now fleeing from Rifthounds. Defeat the Rifthounds to trigger dialogue and a small cutscene. Doing so will complete the World Quest and trigger the final act in the quest chain, Ancient Colors: Act III – Blue Longing of Heart and Moon.

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