GeForce updates in NVIDIA, one of the latest versions of RTX 3050 from Ampere GA107, get 15W of power consumption



    NVIDIA introduced a low-cost cards RTX 3050 in January 2022, and use of those for similar use; because of the market conditions, using highly overpriced graphics cards, it has been updated with a low power consumption of fifteenW.

    A new laptop, the RTX 3050, with the GA107 GPU, has the same PC version as the GA106 processor. This GA106 variant isn’t a full-version of an Ampere processor NVIDIA which has up to 3840 cores.

    NVIDIA recently released a desktop RTX 3050 with a GPU GA107 and fewer cores 2304. As it turns out, NVIDIA has introduced a third variant of the RTX 3050 with the GA107 GPU, but with full 2560 kernels.

    The name of the project has been highlighted on the MSI website. Here is a description of this project: Ventus 2X 8G OCV1, with 2560 CUDA, 8 GB 14 Gb/s 128-bit memory, and power consumption 115 W. That is a huge difference because the original version of this map called OC consumed 130 watts, and the replacement of a graphics processor contributed to a decrease in power consumption by 15 watts.



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