Gears of War: This year the Card Game is coming


    The Xbox Game Studios and The Coalition have announced the game Gears of War: The Card Game to help fans when they wait for Gears 6. This desktop version of the game for Xbox is being developed by Steamforged Games, the same studio responsible for creating board games for Dark Souls and Elden Ring. The developer announced his plans on Twitter, promising to bring chains and Locust to the table sometime in 2023.

    We heard about Gears of War: The Card Game, which technically is the first time we’ve heard of it. In 2020, the first mention of the Steamforged project appeared on the Gear of War website, and it was planned that it will be released in the same year. The post revealed that Magic: The Gathering veteran Tyler Bealman led development. Early details had promised a new game to promote luck and strategy. You can see the movie’s conclusion here and a summary of how it would play the story here.

    When you need to stop fighting your cards, you’ll have an option to keep fighting as hard as you want. Learn how to develop your power by playing with unique story-like scenarios – each with its purpose and structure. In the next case, every victory or defeat will affect your character in addition to your gameplay.

    Since the original announcement took over nearly three years, it wasn’t known how many changes have happened so far. While others have a lot of ideas and ideas, the first card designs seem very attractive.


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