Gamma and Emo game emulators get major updates on iOS.

    • The Gamma and Emo game emulators for the iOS App Store are getting some big updates.
    • Along with major bug fixes, quality of life features and more are being added.
    • Apple’s TOS change for emulators recently opened the way for a wave of emulator apps.

    After breaking the iOS rules on emulators, we have seen a huge influx of emulators on the iOS App Store. But now that they’re settled, what updates will these services include? what can do What do you add to a service that depends mostly on what users actually want to play?

    Well, with new updates for Gamma Game Emulator and Emo Emulator, we’re going to find out!

    As seen by the good people. The iOSGaming subreddit, recently released major updates for eNES and Gamma include many changes. For one, eNES (which is the emo emulator) is getting a search bar and lets you easily sort through your ROMs.

    Meanwhile, things are a little hotter for Gamma. For Gamma Pro supporters you will have early access to new cheat codes, and no more ads. Also, it has a full-screen toggle for landscape and various bug fixes.

    That’s all?

    Oh, nothing major. But then that’s the main thing about emulators. You get out what you put in, quite literally. However, some may be a bit offended by the idea that Gamma is focusing primarily on perks for supporters, particularly the idea that advertisements (even those contributed by players) before games ) will be standard going forward.

    Still, once again it looks like these emulators are very much here to stay, and patching updates and improving functionality only ensure that.

    Still, if you don’t want to dive into the complicated (if very deep) world of emulation, you can always check out the huge variety of games already available on mobile. Check out our list of the best mobile games of 2024 (so far) to see what we picked.


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