Gamedec Achievements Guide

In this guide, I will tell you how to get all the achievements (for several of them you will have to make backup saves or, if you wish, replay the game).

A warning

Below there may be spoilers for the game’s storyline. I advise you to start by going through the game completely by yourself 1 time so as not to spoil the pleasure of the game. Also, if you have hints on how else you can get this or that achievement, or if I made a mistake somewhere and a certain skill is required (but I did not indicate this) – write in the comments. I’ll add your version to the guide!

Achievements “Apple from Apple”

1. Finish what you started Play

solitaire in Haggis’s office.

When visiting Haggis, it is necessary to go to the secretary’s computer (next to the elevator) and finish playing solitaire.

2. It’s just a scratch.

Scratch Haggis’s gold frame.

It is necessary to examine the painting before entering Haggis’s office. The options for action will scratch the picture.

On Haggis’s computer, in his office (not at the secretary’s) release Cyberphantom (requires the “Mirror” skill). Later, this cyber phantom will help you in the passage and will be required to obtain the achievement on the level “Fallen Hero

3. Rise!

Help Starlett get out of limbo.

You need to connect to the girl on the armchair in Haggis’s office. Next, we perform the actions:

1. Activate the firewall (blocking the signal)

2. Return the sense of balance – raise Strlett’s hand.

3. Return the sense of smell – blow on Starlett’s face.

4. Return the sense of touch.

5. Remove the helmet from Starlett.


Help Ramon to get another player to leave the “World of Vice”

If you go to the eastern part of the level in the game, you can meet Ramon and his interlocutor. A unicorn will appear and log them out. Then Ramon will leave the subway and return to the place of your first meeting with him. Talk to him about the investigation and he will agree to help you in exchange for a favor. It will be necessary to bring him a player with the nickname “Pasinator”. He stands in the western part of the level next to the Killer and the Trepanator. Invite him to look at the unicorn and take him to Ramon.

5. I Will Never Forget You

Complete all Troll King quests.

To begin with, it will be necessary to call the Troll King, for this in deduction we choose that Fredo (Tugai-Bey) went to the Trolls, and not to the clan. Then there are several ways to summon trolls.

1. Get an ace of spades card from the Unicorn and activate it in the machine in the north of the level. (Stands on the road next to Panisanthor, Killer and Trepanator).

2. Get an adjuster from Nena Sytnaya. (It will be necessary to help her with setting up the Unicorn, for this, at the first meeting, we choose the options that you are investigating and after that she will offer you information in exchange for the service).

3.Maybe there are more ways, but I haven’t tested them.

After that, you will need to complete all the tasks of Herman Tik (King of the Trolls, sits next to Nena Nourishing). For completing all the tasks, he will give you a key to the theater.

6. All, of course, Jester! I stand above you!

Surprise the Jester at the theater.

Need to inquire about the back door to the theater. Herman Tick, Ramon or Umbra can tell about him. Depending on the chosen deduction. Further, after entering the theater, you need to go down the rope on the Jester’s head. (During the activation of the animation of the descent, the Jester freezes, respectively, it is necessary to activate the animation when the Jester is under one of the ropes).

7 son!

Help Fredo in The World of Vice.

After solving the puzzle in the theater, the Jester will take you to the roof and there will be two options.

1. Leave Fredo and the Jester in the game.

2. Take Fredo with you from the game.

We take Fredo and get the achievement.

Harvest Achievements

1. Do you like to read?

Find all the clues on the message boards.

It is enough to go over all the notice boards starting from the platform. Each board will have a clue on which of the boards the next clue is. Read all the boards until you get the achievement.

2. An attentive listener

Listen to all three Rusty Ed stories.

Rusty Ed sits on a barrel and is one of the NPCs you can chat with. You will meet him anyway at Lea Anna’s request. You will not be able to listen to all three stories at once (at least I did not succeed) and first you will need to listen to 1 story, after which Ed will fall asleep. If you wake him up you will be able to hear 2 stories. 3 story you can learn after meeting with the Sheriff and Lea-Anna.

3. Raised the dough, things have changed!

Accumulate 5.000 coins in the “Harvest”.

There are several ways:

1. If you helped Bob Zappa on the first level in the “World of Vice”, you can contact him after meeting with the Sheriff. He can give you 13-14k coins.

2. You can knock money out of Lea Anna.

Perhaps there are more ways, but I have not tested them.

4. Pumpkins Everywhere Upgrade your

farm to level 5 in “Harvest”.

You need to upgrade your farm. To do this, do not come to your farm where the NPC will give you tasks. After completing them, the NPC will offer you to pump the farm for gold, in total 5 levels. Upgrade money can be obtained from Bob Zappa. You can get this achievement right up to the end of the level in The Harvest. That is, you can always return to the farm until the end of the level.

Perhaps it means pumping the 5th level in the game, and not pumping the farm itself.

5. The Weapon Baron

Find a weapon in The Harvest.

You need to accumulate 5.000 coins and buy weapons from Fruit Betty (?). Money can be obtained from Bob Zappa or knocked out from Lea Anna. Also, weapons can be obtained for helping one of the “orange” in the beds. (if you choose a weapon as a reward)

6. Gamedeck from the other world.

Find two ways to get to the cemetery.

The first way is a well.

The second way is a board on the roof of the saloon.

7. Honest Work Upgrade your

farm to the maximum in “Harvest”

The maximum is considered when the NPC says that there is nothing more to improve. (The maximum is the construction of a corral for a cow, after which the NPC says that there is nothing more to buy and the dialogue options for pumping the farm disappear).

8. Like a bird in the sky

Help the Bandito escape from the “Harvest”

Not really sure what can be done this way.

1. We make a reserve save before deduction, where you will decide who is to blame for the Bandito, Sheriff or Lea-Anna.

2. Choose the culprit Bandito.

3. We are not going to negotiate with the Sheriff, we agree to help catch the Bandito.

4. Before that, you need to meet with the Bandito in the guild house (before step 1) and give her a train ticket.

Where to get a ticket – watch Guy on the beds (this is an option in the dialogue, and not just watch) until he gets a ticket, then we ask him to give the ticket to you. Or you can buy a ticket for 20,000 from Fruit Betty.

5.We take the Bandito to the platform, where we do not allow the duel between the Sheriff and the Bandito to take place. The bandito will log out of the game, and you will receive the achievement.

(Perhaps there is another option, write in the comments).

9.Exactly at noon.

Defeat the Sheriff in a duel.

When the scene begins with the attempt to hang Stanley, you need to challenge the sheriff to a duel. Next, the professions of your character are important. My character had Sensory Celebrity (SC), Programmer (P) and Cheater (C) skills. The order of my choices in the duel scene was as follows: (+ to the state of good relations with the Oranges) option SC – Look at Ken – touch the holster – Option P – Option C – look at the sheriff’s shadow (I don’t think it is necessary, since the character will not receive any information; it may be worth preparing for the shot).

(Thanks for the info futaba-tian!)

Fallen Hero Achievements

1. Isn’t it too much?

It is enough to study all the theories about Ken’s death. You need to talk to all the characters on the level and find out what they think about the drone version and if they have their own hypotheses.

2. Scavenger

Search all the trash cans in the “Fallen Hero” We

search all the trash cans on the street near the bar. Active urns are marked as objects with which you can interact.

3. Telepath

Create a virtual ghost of Ken based on his psychosan.

You can do it yourself, or you can do it by signing the papers of Ken’s lawyer (perhaps the translation is not correct). You can do this anyway at the end of the level when you return home. Even after entering the bar.


Accidental Encounter Stumble upon a cyber phantom on the street.

For this achievement it is necessary at the beginning of the game to pump the “Mirror” skill (on the first level, in Haggis’s office) and hack Haggis’s computer. Further, in one of the dialogue options marked “Mirror”, it will be possible to release the phantom from the computer. Throughout most of the game, the phantom will help you in various situations (for example, it will help you hack the ATM in “Harvest”). You can also meet a phantom on the streets next to the bar. The landmark is the northern part of the level where the hole is in the fence.

5. An excellent choice .

Order whiskey from Yeta’s Bar.

We approach the bar from the southern part and choose whiskey from the menu.

6. A Strong Argument

Earn the respect of the party at the bar.

It is necessary to fill in the red scale by performing actions that help the Partak.

1. We put Ken on the posters

2. We expel the Terrible Cam from the bar.

3. In the scuffle we take the side of the Partak.

4. With the skill “Yard Dog” we can talk to the gambler “Serpent” and get the respect of the Partak.

7. Everyone loves trolls.

Earn the respect of the trolls at the bar.

It is necessary to fill in the yellow scale by performing actions that help the Trolls.


Draw inscriptions on the posters 2. Help Cam the Terrible to break the shrink.

3. In the scuffle we take the side of the Trolls.

8. Rejoice while you can.

Use the shrinkwrap.

After Yeta asks to expel Cam Terrible from the bar, you can talk to her and find out that the Brainstorm (the car in the corner next to Cam) is harming her drug trade. We go to the Brain Law and select the “Use” option.

Knight’s Law Achievements

1. Catnip

Walk through the gate as a cat.

You will need the Hacker skill to hack the cat, after which it will be possible to enter the territory of the Hon Clan without completing side quests. (I still advise you to do them in order to get the Potto-Homuin and some skill points. 2. What

if it comes in handy?

Collect 3 Potto-Homuins in the “Knight’s Law”

Quite easy to complete. It is enough to complete the side quests from the notice board in the Clan (next with Umbra). Or you can make them in the Forge. And also get them for helping the Masters of the Clan. (Umbra, Boer, Eternal Doll, Goldoder)

3. This is the way.

Complete 5 tasks for the masters of the clan in the “Law of the Knight”

We simply carry out the tasks of the masters – to eavesdrop on the students from Umbra, to distribute the loot from the Golden Hold, to restore the golem from the Doll, and from the Boer to help with the students. You don’t have to do everything. (This is how I got the achievements by completing the tasks of Umbra, the Golden Hold and the Doll, without the Boer).

4. To Remember

Collect 3 Memories of Ken.

For this achievement, you need to accumulate 3 warnings from the Clan, after which Umbra will imprison you in his chambers. Then follow the question marks (these will be Ken’s memories). Collect 3 and get achievements.


Collect resources at the level and you will receive Ken’s memories as you gather.

5. Iron Man

Collect 10 pieces of iron.

Just collect 10 units of iron on the territory of the Clan.

6. A real blacksmith.

Craft 5 items in the Forge in “Knight’s Law”

I created a tile for a Golem (made from 1 steel in a Chisel) and 4 novice signs (each made from 1 iron in a Chisel). This takes a total of 10 bells.

7 love sniffing

Infiltrate Umbra’s house.

There are several options:

1. Enter Umbra’s house with the students. (After eavesdropping on the instructions of Umbra, you can talk to the students and offer them your help. Then you can tell about everything to Umbra, but not say that they are going to infiltrate her.

2. Make yourself a copy of the key to Umbra’s house (Made in the Smithy) .

Maybe you can enter using the skills, “Hacker” or “Cheater.” Do not try.

8.Vek will not see

Select to freedom.

After the conclusions by Umbroy, advance to the Tree of Knowledge. After reaching the Derva of Knowledge, you will get out of Umbra’s trap and get the achievement.

Axis of the World Achievements

1. The sysadmin is listening.

Open all modes of the decoder.

We just go through the level in the Axis of the World without helping the Jester. (I do not know if it is possible to open the blue color by helping the Jester, I have not tried it).

Yellow aspect – “Green – Green – Green”

Red aspect – “Green – Yellow – Green”

Blue aspect – “Yellow – Red – Yellow”


Visit 15 different locations in the Axis of the World.

Roughly speaking, try 15 different color combinations that lead to different locations.

3. Pandas

Find a diorama with a panda in “Axis of the World”

Met the panda twice in two playthroughs just by going through the level in Axis of the World. On the 9th or 10th transition from room to room.

4.Is it Gap?

Find the gap leading to “The Harvest”

Combination “Yellow – Green – Yellow”

5. Haglet

Find the robot Morty in the “Axis of the World”

Combination “Yellow – Green – Red”

6. Splashed blue

Find Nega in the “Axis of the World”

Combination “Blue – Green – Blue”

Activation on the computer.

7. Music plays on the boat.

Visit the “Paradise Beach”

You can visit it on the first level if you choose in Deduction that Fredo went to the “Paradise Beach” or visit him anyway in this level according to the storyline.

8. Repetition is the mother of learning

Loop three characters in Paradise Beach

I’m not 100% sure, but after 3 passes it seems to me that you always get this achievement because 314 takes control over you and you have to put Naabu, Haggis and Lea-Anna in a loop against your will.

9. God Loves Trinity

Assemble a team of at least 3 people.

At the last level in “The Merry Hunter” you need to assemble a team of 3 characters. Among them I have always had: “The Killer”, Rhonda (Nena Sytnaya), Bob Zappa, Haggis, Eagle, Umbra, Ken Zhou. Apparently this is influenced by your choices during the game.

10. Reunion

Help Rhonda find her son.

After getting into the “Merry Hunter” level, Rhonda will ask you to save her son.

You will advance further in the level and encounter Umbra, Eagle (son), and Bob Zappa’s execution scene.

It is not entirely clear what sequence of actions is needed here. In the first playthrough, when everyone survived for me, I did not throw Eagle off the bridge and I had a good relationship with Umbra (no one died in the execution scene). In the second playthrough, I chose the “Educator” skill and calmed the Eagle, while Bob Zappa died at the hands of Umbra. If you have options for obtaining this achievement so that none of the heroes die, then write in the comments.

11.Red Pill

Destroy the simulation.

To do this, at the “Paradise Beach” level, select the option with overclocking the loop in a conversation with the jester in order to kill Naabu, Haggis and Lea-Anna. Then choose a jester who will offer the destruction of the simulation as the end of the game.

12. Blue Pill Take

the side of the owners of the simulation.

Agree to help the Fools at the end of the game, and choose an option that DOES NOT DESTROY THE SIMULATION and DOESN’T KNOW YOU OUT OF THE SIMULATION.


Get out of the simulation.

Similar to clause 11, you need to kill Naabu and select the Jester, who invites you to leave the simulation.

General achievements (obtained during the game as a whole)

1. Pro Gamer

Collect 20 Aspects.

Just go through the game, 99% if not 100% of the time you will gain 20 aspects in total.

2. Investigator

Collect 50 deductive notes.

As you progress through the game, you can collect clues for deduction by communicating with characters or studying the world around you. If you carefully research everything to the level of “Axis of the World” you will already have this achievement. (I got it somewhere in the area).


Apply deduction at least 15 times.

Likewise with the achievements above, it turns out just as the game progresses.

4. Slow down, I’m recording!

Collect 50 Codex Notes.

Likewise with the achievements above, it turns out just as the game progresses.

5 the chef asks the chef

Get the maximum profession level.

Upgrade one of the skill trees to the end.

6. Clever and Smart

Get the maximum profession level on at least two branches in one playthrough.

Upgrade 2 skill lines to the end.

7. Jokes aside

Make Ken an unambiguous proposal.

After the level “Harvest” you and Ken will meet at your home. Invite Ken to spend the night with you in bed.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Gamedec Achievements Guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank ERS Talib. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.