Gachi Revenge: Defeating the Final Boss Aniki

This fantastic guide will teach you how to defeat Aniki, and get Ricardo his saxophone back.

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The Two Goons

Gachi Revenge: Defeating the Final Boss Aniki

When you begin the final fight, two of Anikis goons will block your path to victory, be patient and make sure to not use any of your powers when defeating the goons. You want to punch them in intervals when they stop to rest. You should defeat them without taking any damage, as you will need every bit of your HP to battle Aniki.

Defeating Aniki

Gachi Revenge: Defeating the Final Boss Aniki

Once you have defeated the two goons, Aniki will be the last thing in your path to victory. Make sure to have Flex Time selected, as you will need to use it to regain your HP, right before he defeats you. I suggest blocking until you see an opening, and when he knocks you down, spam x & c right as you get back up, as you can usually get a couple hits in before his fists start glowing again. Don’t worry about your health too much though, as he will beat you up good before your able to get him to even half his HP.

When your down to just a smidge of health, hit S to activate your Flex Time ability. Immediately start spamming x & c as this will be the moment you do the most damage to him. It may take a couple tries to get him into the right state where

you can continuously hit him without him blocking

you, so just be patient!

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